Rem Garrick

Rural Maine can be cold and secluded, but Rem had never understood the darkness of the land that drew writers like John Connolly and Stephen King to base their spare, chilly horror stories there. It was his home, where his father first taught him to fix a car, recognize the constellations, find clean water, fire a rifle.

It was where he learned to hunt.

When he was fifteen, Rem and his father came across a young man in the woods who appeared to have been mauled by an animal. Though badly injured, the drifter attacked them when they stopped to help — he needed blood badly after his first (and last) encounter with a werewolf. The Garricks, however, had been hunting, and were both armed with shotguns as well as knives. Eventually, they proved too much for the already crippled anarch, and with dawn approaching, he fled. Luke Garrick sustained serious injuries, but instead of seeking medical attention, he encouraged his son to track and kill the unnatural creature. Obviously, Rem was conflicted, but he made his decision, and it was that decision which forged his role as an Imbued.

From that day forward, he found that he could see things other people couldn't see, and sometimes, do things he had never imagined any human could do. When he felt despair in the disbelief of others or the seeming endlessness of his task, the voices — the Messengers — would come to him with encouragement, warnings, and nightmares. He had always attended church before, but now he found greater relevance to his life in faith and the teachings of the Bible. He did his best to live in a way that would honor his father's memory.

But everybody else could tell that there was just something wrong with that boy.

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