Implausible Kid

Rebekkah Abigail Daphne Faith Sophia Dawn and Liam Peter Theodore Robert Sparky Hermes are the improbable nexus children of JP and Key. Understandably, this means they, and the universe they were spawned from, are FUCKED UP.

Given that the twins possess the same powers as both parents, and their parents are absurdly overpowered, the multiverse is basically fucked.

It is generally agreed that the twins have too many fucking middle names.


The boy, although most people (including his parents, probably) believe him to be a girl given that if you tossed him in a Hannah Montana concert you'd never be able to pick him out. He's a Myspace cam whore who spends most of his free time trolling for pedos on the interwebz and then Chris Hansening them, for the lulz. He likes to shout.


- 4' 10", 87 pounds
- Has a yellow glow when using his powers, and has bright yellow eyes.


The girl, who looks less girly than her male twin, definitely takes after her mother, being tiny, prone to beating the crap out of people and being a h0r.


- Has a blue glow when using her powers, and has bright blue eyes.

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