Niccolo Violanti

Niccolo is an original character played by Crystal, based loosely off an alternate Marvel universe.

A man out of his time, Niccolo has the unique ability to "rewind" or "fast forward" time, mostly in small pockets allowing for the manipulation of a single person or object. He was "frozen" in a time bubble of his own sporadic creation in the 1940's, trapped in an infinite loop, until freed by X-Corporation in the early twenty-first century. Sixty years removed from his timeline, friends, and family, he is currently floating around the Nexus at the advice of ex-girlfriend Kate Cordello, trying to locate his own better half, who just happens to be the only person who can help him control his powers.

Exposure to Niccolo can create, at a given player's discretion, the acceleration or deceleration of time for their character - making them older, younger, or serving as a convenient plot device for various things (expediting pregnancy, growing a tree, what have you). He is not able to fully (or … mostly even at all) control the ability, so dependent on the situation he has the potential of messing things up. His manipulation of time is also generally limited to very short spans, dependent on whether or not he's trying to do it - in general, if he's trying, he's probably failing to produce the desired result.

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