Sam Witwicky

ilovejets is Sam Witwicky, honorary Decepticon. His first car turned out to be a shapeshifting alien robot named Starscream, who could not only fly, but was also leading the last of his race in a bid to save it from extinction! Sam hates Autobots, and is rude to them.

Sam (who prefers 'Witwicky') has learned the myriad Decepticon ways since joining them, including that real friends brainwash each other with nanites and that 70% of the human race does deserve to be punished and enslaved. He also knows that the Nexus is an amazingly useful resource for making friends and influencing powerful people, having convinced Kid Apollo to win the Autobot-Decepticon wars for his side.

Sam, like most Nexus males, has found his life gearing towards the homo side ever since he set foot in the place. First he panicked at an odd kinship he felt to Kid Apollo and asked the Nexus what to do if he turned out to be gay (the horror), then he inadvertently caused his Decepticon brethren to invent robotic buttsex and stumbled upon his leader and the science officer engaged in such activites on the ship's poop deck. He fancies the pretty Miss Martian, despite likely being doomed to the usual Nexus gay antics. (Being munned by Bobo, the gay is pretty much inevitable.)

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