Ichigo (ichigo_smash)

Ichigo is one of many, many Royal Cousins to the Dashing Prince of All Cosmos. One of the more temperamental cousins, she's a little bit sweet, a little bit sour, a little bit spoiled — and, ever since a little Nexus-induced 'vacation', a little bit screwed-up. Par for the course in the multiverse.


Among her family, friends and fans, Ichigo is well-known for her distinctive 'strawberry figure': compared to most of her cousins, she's a little bit rounder round the hips (though she hardly compares to, say, Nik or Marny). Her oval-shaped head is topped off by a yellow antenna with a shiny red ball on top; the sides of her face are defined by her clothes, which has a square 'face' opening. Her eyes, when one gets close enough to tell the color, are green.

In keeping with the strawberry theme, she wears bright red clothes speckled with a white 'seed' pattern. The ends of her head are capped by a green leaf pattern, matching the color of her tights. While she can remove this, she generally doesn't bother/care to; anything else she wears simply goes on over it. This includes things like bikinis.

She's also normally just about six centimeters tall, counting her antenna. Fortunately, like the rest of her family, she can alter her size to some degree, and while she can't quite reach the same heights as the King and Queen of All Cosmos, she can keep in scale. When not rolling a katamari around, she tends to favor a roughly two-feet-tall form, letting her interact with others with ease.


'She's very jealous, and always wants to be the center of attention. She considers Honey to be her rival.' — The King of All Cosmos, profiling Ichigo in the original Katamari Damacy

When something like that stands out to the King of All Cosmos, you know things have to be… pretty obvious.

Spoiled rotten by her parents, Ichigo learned early on that she could get away with pretty much anything thanks to being so cute and lovely. They let her have whatever she wants; she just has to ask… (and possibly pitch a fit, but they're well-trained.) However, outside of her family, she's since discovered, she isn't considered center of the universe, or even the cutest little thing around. To her uncle, the King of All Cosmos, she's just another cousin — something she can't stand. So she strives to stand out, even if it 'occasionally' means acting up.

While Ichigo still tries to play up her sweet side, she doesn't go for the whole 'pure innocent' thing so much anymore. 'Mock innocent', maybe, but she's fallen into the trap of considering purity and stupidity to be very closely linked. She's always had a bit of a temper, and this was tempered by the island incident, giving her an edge you won't find with most of her extended family.


  • Katamari: Obviously, Ichigo can handle katamari with ease. Roll, roll, roll that katamari. Note, however:
    • In order to pick something/someone up, her katamari has to be big enough. Simply butting into somebody isn't going to have much effect if it's too small, and when it's bigger… it's more obvious. (i.e., Ichigo butting your random Nexus pup's feet with her knee-high katamari isn't going to hurt you, even if she manages to push it up your legs. A dangling wallet chain, now… well, that depends on the muns involved on both sides.)
    • Ichigo cannot create her own katamari. Nor can she convert one into a star herself. Such things are handled by the King of All Cosmos (or handwaved OOC).
    • Normally, anything picked up by a katamari and used in making stars is returned afterwards, unharmed. (Otherwise there'd be nothing left to roll in the future). Exceptions can be made, though she has to ask her uncle to handle it.
  • Flight: Ichigo can float around in midair, and hover for an indefinite amount of time. When hovering, she tends to wave her arms at her sides and fold her legs up underneath her.
  • Size Shifting: As mentioned above, Ichigo can change her size, though not her proportions.
  • Charm and Cuteness: She's absolutely darling, as she's sure you've noticed. Right?
  • ???: Being young, Ichigo hasn't yet developed all of her powers, let alone started the process of learning the finer points of control. (She's hoping for eye lasers like her Uncle's.)

No Luck with Nexus LOLs

  • Shortly after arriving in the Nexus, Ichigo left her katamari unattended to mingle… and her cousin Colombo, thinking she'd abandoned it, took it. Infuriated, she got revenge by shaving him bald; this backfired when the Queen caught them quarreling and forced them both to apologize. As part of her punishment, Ichigo wasn't allowed to roll katamari until Colombo's fur had grown back in.
  • Ichigo has had two brushes with the Silent Hill fog so far, neatly bookending her 'vacation' with plenty of nightmares (not that she really needed the 'help' afterwards…)
  • She was involved in the Nexus Battle Royale. Over the course of that week, she learned, among other things, how to swear, how to handle a crossbow, and how to blow shit up.

Other Points of Interest

  • Ichigo loves strawberries, and anything strawberry-flavored, so long as it tastes close enough to the real thing. Since she isn't made of strawberries, this isn't cannibalism. It just looks like it.
    • She also likes cherries, bananas, and most other kinds of fruit. None of this compares to her intense love of strawberries, however.
  • She considers Honey to be her rival because she knows the King of All Cosmos thinks Honey is 'cute'. Due to this, she believes, incorrectly, that Honey gets preferential treatment from him; this has been unwittingly ingrained in her by her parents. Being cute and lovely equals special treatment.
    • While she isn't particularly fond of other cutesy cousins, she generally doesn't consider them as big a threat for varying reasons. For instance, June isn't considered a major problem thanks to her cloying innocence, naivete, and ignorance that things like lying and manipulation even exist.
    • Despite her jealous nature, Ichigo loves her family deeply, and would do anything to protect them. In the wake of the island incident, she's become far more aware of this.
  • Ichigo enjoys rolling katamari; it's a favorite pastime of hers. Her absolute favorite kind of katamari is a flaming one — she loves dashing around with it, building it up quickly on anything she can pick up and sending anyone she touches with it running off with their tails on fire. On the other hand, she hates rolling underwater; buoyancy and resistance always seem to work against her.
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