Hannah McCracken (hannah_mcracken)

Hannah McCracken is the daughter of Thomas and Lucy McCracken. She lives in Whitfield, a town in southern Ontario (which is a province in Canada, don'tcha know). She's the middle of three children, and she's currently near the end of her freshman year of high school.

Near the beginning of the school year, she found out that she was a Slayer, in the vein of Buffy Summers and co. Kickass? Not really. She keeps breaking her nails.

After obtaining a teacher of sorts in Taskmaster and making some friends (and probably annoying even more people with her ignorant valley girlness), she has turned into a mostly competent Slayer.

She's currently trying to stop the Neck Bandit, a lamely named vampire*, from summoning a dragon to destroy the town.

*the mun blames it on the education system

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