Gotham City

Generally speaking: the home of Batman, who is officially considered an urban legend by the Gotham City Police Department. The Bat-signal on the roof of police headquarters is, officially, a deterrent used by the GCPD against the city's criminal element and is not actually a method of contacting a vigilante who dresses up like a giant bat and is fond of dangling suspects by the ankle from 20 stories up. Nope.

Of course, Gotham differs universe to universe, like any other city. The fact that Batman, his associates, or people a lot like him persist in cropping up in all sorts of eras and in all sorts of universes says much about the influence of that particular insignia and its followers. It is reasonable to assume that any given Gotham may be considered "his" city.

Images of Gotham

Common Areas in Gotham

As noted, the city will differ from universe to universe. Here are some places and landmarks that may or may not be found in any given Gotham.

Mob Families & Other Criminals

Some names that you might use for the unlucky NPC of the scene.

  • Carmine Falcone - "The Roman", referencing (once) to his control over the city's mob as "The Roman Empire". In Batman Begins, Dr. Crane drove him insane.
  • Sofia Gigante - Carmine's daughter in the comics. She takes over when Carmine dies.
  • Mario Falcone - twin brother to Sofia.
  • Alberto Falcone - son of Carmine, younger sibling to Sofia, he becomes the serial killer Holiday in the comics.
  • Sal Maroni - Falcone's biggest rival, and the man responsible for scarring Harvey Dent. Will appear in The Dark Knight.
  • Rupert Thorne - Corrupt politician who in comics and animated series tries to have Batman killed.
  • Matthew Thorne - brother to Rupert. In comics, a surgeon and torturer; in animated series, more sympathetic character.
  • Lew Moxon - racketeer & bank robber and/or mob boss, possibly involved in hiring Joe Chill to kill the Waynes.
  • Philo Zeiss - physically enhanced mob enforcer who once worked for Lew Moxon.
  • Able Crown - crime boss
  • Tony Zucco - an enterprising young thug responsible for killing the Graysons.
  • Henry Arquista - mafia boss whose daughter Darla is killed in a gang war.
  • Roland Daggett - president of Daggett Industries, a pharmaceutical company. Corrupt and greedy. Possible ancestor of Derek Powers? :P
  • Detective Flass - corrupt policeman. Appeared in Batman Begins.
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