Andros hates you.

No really, he does.

See, he was born on the planet KO-35, although he's human, and he had a nice childhood up to the point where his sister Karone was kidnapped by Darkonda. Then his planet was attacked by the combined evil forces of the universe, and eventually was entirely abandoned.

Then Andros spent a few years in space, his best friend Zhane recovering in stasis due to injury while saving him. He's tried very hard to defeat Astronema and her gathered forces by himself without any luck. On the plus side, it allowed him to travel around a really badass cloak.

Then the Earth Rangers showed up. Rest assured, he hates them too. But he's going to have to accept their help in order to bring peace to the universe, so he'll be using the Nexus primarily to complain about it.

Hey, the kid is destined to fight his hardest to rescue Zordon, only to kill him in order to save everyone. He's justified in his eternal angst.

(Note: Andros also possesses SUPAR telekinesis powers, despite being human, as well as his usual Ranger powers. His cloak really is badass and defines all logic by hiding his entire face from recognition even if he just throws it over his head. He's enternally cursed with B| as his default expression. No, his hair isn't actually chocolate peanut butter.)

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