Eiko Takashima

Once upon a time, there was a geeky young man who was too smart for his own good. So, in the way his world worked, he became a superhero.

…..and then something went terribly, terribly wrong, and the geeky young man became a hot blonde with the kind of rack you normally need surgery to get, exotic features… and KEPT being too smart for her own good. This also fractured her sanity pretty badly, but she got better! (mostly.)

Later, she discovered the Nexus, then found a way to get there. She would spend hours there, hanging out and learning things from people, until the day that someone managed to really mess with time. When she woke up, she found out her universe's history had been altered, and she, as she was, no longer existed and could no longer exist there.

She may be the first Nexile (person exiled to the Nexus from their homeworld for various weird reasons) who was really happy about it.

This will be expanded. So deal.

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