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gabriel_grey is a regular on Dear Multiverse and in the Sanctuary.


Name: Gabriel Aloysius Grey
Fandom: Original Character, based in a somewhat au version of Marvel's Ultimate universe.

D.O.B.: 02/13/1950
Build: Lean, lightly muscled.
Height: 6'1"
Features: Shaved head, grey/white goatee, blue eyes, burn scarring on the left side of his neck from underneath his earlobe down to his abdomen, a tracheotomy scar on his throat.
Dress: Well-cut suits, longcoat, fedora. If not suited, he'll wear a longsleeve t-shirt or turtleneck, jeans, boots or shoes.
Accessories: PINpoint, small case with syringes, small glass knife, a beozar, and a rosary.

contact: Gabe (IC), or the mun


Psionic abilities - telepathy
Gabriel is:

  • telepathically sensitive, which means if a telepath is projecting thoughts, feelings, sensations, etc. he will be able to pick it up easier and more intensely.
  • able to defend himself mentally, as he has some outside help. no, I won't tell you what that is unless it is absolutely necessary. it is a SEKRIT. shhh.
  • Gabriel has VERY STRONG mental shields. Time Lords and VERY powerful telepaths will likely be able to get through, but most anyone else isn't getting in. He has a very low level of telepathic ability himself, although he is a very high level telekinetic.

Gabriel is not:

  • able to read minds. AT ALL.
  • able to contact others via telepathic communication. (unless of course, the other party is a telepath and they are able to pick up thoughts… yeah you get the idea.)
  • able to harm anyone telepathically. this does not mean a telepathic attack would not be eventually met with resistance, it simply means there might be something on the other end of the line than Gabriel himself. if that's too vague, ask. :D

Psionic abilities - thoughtform projection
Gabriel is:

  • able to project himself mentally and physically anywhere he has been previously in his physical form. this projection, or 'golem', is made of pure telekinetic energy and is connected to his own mind. He can make himself invisible or incorporeal (able to move through solid objects). he is able to manipulate this projection in a limited way to shapeshift and appear with another's face, body, voice, etc. he rarely does this, as it takes an enormous amount of concentration and burns a great deal of energy. Projecting also leaves his physical body vulnerable.

Gabriel is not:

  • able to project for an extended length of time. with proper preparation, he can do so for two or three days max, but he's never tested it longer than three days (and does not plan to push it that far again, thank you). the more time passes out-of-body, the more difficult it is to return to his body.

Psionic abilities - telekinesis
Gabriel is:

  • a very powerful telekinetic. he can lift a city bus, but that's as far as he's tried (or had) to push. he has very, very fine control and can do small, complicated tasks such as unlocking various mechanisms and manipulating the function of internal organs. he can generate a very close-range telekinetic shield that will stop physical and lesser mental attacks to a degree. He can also spread this shield to include two or three other people, although the integrity would be compromised.
  • on a regimen of medications that control and supplement his metabolism. when he uses his telekinesis, he burns much more energy than a baseline human. if not controlled, it can (and has, in the past) cause damage to the vascular and neurological systems. he has been known to use glucose injections to fuel his abilities over long periods, so that he can mantain high power levels. this is oft-times useful for projecting over long periods.

Gabriel is not:

  • able to move buildings, large tracts of land, continents or planets. he flat refuses to help anyone move except Lan.
  • invincible.


  • Gabriel is one-quarter eldritch, stemming from being resurrected by Hastur the Unspeakable Yellow King of snark.

Gabriel has some minor abilities:

  • the minior ability to sense auras. no, he will not be able to go into great detail or Know what is wrong with your pup merely by looking at him/her, but will see when something is 'off'. he is unable to reasonably understand how he knows these things, only that it is what he sees and feels. (the mun forgets this ability on a regular basis).
  • the ablity to see through dimensions and slices of time. this tends to be disorienting at best and he tries to avoid it. (although he secretly thinks this is pretty damned cool and is trying to get over the nausea and headaches induced by using this ability). he cannot travel through time any farther than a small handful of minutes, and while he can slip through dimensions, he again cannot go far or very deep. he's still mostly human, and it doesn't have very positive results on the mind, body and soul. (the mun forgets this ability on a semi-regular basis).
  • eating minds. this is not so minor, more of an affliction in his opinion, and will not do it anywhere near the nexus. there are some that taste better than others though. (the mun has never forgotten this one.)

Gabriel is not a major or even a medium sort of eldritch anything. he's more of an oddity, a weird little blip on the radar. but who knows, he still might be able to bugger your shit up.

  • other oddities tba as the mun bs'es them along in good order.

His lovely, splintered personality
He's still a crazynutsoboy and has managed to separate the strongest portions of his insanity/personality so far into four parts. Ice, Silver, Thing, and Grey. (This section is taken from narrative and therefore differs from the tone of this article.)

  • Ice: A chunk of him was dispassionate, Ice. As easy as Soze could lift a gun, he found himself able to cut his emotion off from anything at all. 'Able', no, that was a misleading word. He could not yet control it, and at times pondered trying to lock that portion of himself away. It was a disturbing thing to see from the outside, and a very cold place to be on the inside looking out. And yet, this was where his mind was most comfortable. Perhaps that aspect troubled him most of all.
  • Silver: Part of him was eager as a child to taste all that he'd missed, that he'd not known he'd been missing, a pure Silver hope. He wanted to be close to people again, to talk and share space and be trusted. He wanted to trust. He kept this part of himself tightly bound. It was irresponsible and could not be trusted to let wander around unsupervised.[but it's what he wanted, he wanted] Silver snuck out and freed Ice and they'd go off and act as if nothing had happened. It's what people normally saw, the dichotomy of two trying to be one.
  • Thing: The Yellow Thing. It's what he'd decided to call it, the portion of himself that could see through dimensions as if they were panes of glass, read auras and taste magic in the air. It also hungered more often than not, driving him to find far flung universes and derelict minds to feast upon, not finishing until he was sated. Another part of himself he dearly wanted to tie up and stuff into a closet, but it resisted and refused to go. He compromised, and it was well enough.
  • Grey: And then, the last. The one who hung back and watched it all, the Observer. The most human of all the others. He was tired and disappointed and small. Grey. Like his name, cloaked in dust and memories. In purgatory until the true end, whenever it was allowed to come.


  • was born in Merseyside, Liverpool, England, UK on February 13, 1953.
  • has three sisters and four brothers. four are deceased, and one is MIA. feel free to ask for more specific information.
  • dreamed of being a photographer when he was a child.
  • was married to Sheila Melanie Larke from 1984 - 1993. she is deceased as of 1993.
  • was captured by a sooper sekrit branch of the CIA for mutant 'study' in 1992.
  • was obtained by another, even more sooper sekrit organization in 1996.
  • could be considered 'insane' by practical standards. but he isn't. he's… it's hard to explain.
  • is in love with nightflowering.
  • loves coffee.
  • is a vegetarian.
  • does not have a daughter.
  • is not someone who trusts many people.
  • is an athiest.
  • has four alternates, gabriel_grey, telekineclectic, sanguinesteam and earlgreymatter. The second is works in an au version of the BPRD (Bureau of Paranormal Research and Development), the third is a cracktastic, vampiric time-travel victim from China Mieville's Bas-Lag, whom the mun plays very rarely, and the latter is a younger version of around 28 years whom the mun does not play at all anymore (although this could change depending on whim. You know those crazy muns.)
  • tends to be sympathetic to the ideals of one Erik Lensherr, aka Magneto. He also has a bad habit of calling non-mutant humans 'flatscans'. He's trying to break this habit.
  • likes to go adventuring with a different face (projecting) in other worlds.
  • is not a killer, an assassin or a pacifist.
  • was a participant in the first Nexus Battle Royale. He was shot, burned to a crisp, and then shot again. It took a lot to kill the grouchy bastard.
  • was killed AGAIN (for reals, y0) by a member of the organization he works for, and his body was dumped in the Nexus. Njoki Rainmaker buried him, taking the last two fingers of his left hand as 'payment'. A few weeks later, he appeared in the nexus, unharmed and filthy from being buried, with no memory of the last ten years of his life and two ivory fingers where his flesh and blood ones had been.
  • participated in Flowerclock in the summer of 2008, once again against his will. He ended up befrending and then becoming the lover of the Eldritch being Hastur. This relationship was later broke off when he regained his memory and rejoined his super sekrit organization, although he still has feelings for the man/being/god/mind eating evil creature.
  • Soze killed him again for reasons that are best left not explained here. It's complicated in a very simple way. Gabriel and Soze hate each other. He was later brought back from the depths by his former lover Hastur. He is now one quarter eldritch and is a pseudo-thrall to the god himself.
  • is sort-of friends with Jeff Levitt and still doesn't like Soze. He and Rassilon have an uneasy truce, partly due to the fact that the timelord is allergic to eldritch.
  • is either hated, disliked, or avoided by most of the Nexus.
  • does not have a secret life anymore. But that's okay, he's trying not to be so emo about it.


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