Gabriel Grey (gabriel_grey)

gabriel_grey is a regular on Dear Multiverse and in the Sanctuary… when the Nexus isn't giving him a hard time, that is..


Name: Gabriel Aloysius Grey
Fandom: Original Character, based in a somewhat au version of Marvel's movieverse.

D.O.B.: 02/13/1950
Build: Too damned thin.
Height: 6'1"
Features: Shaved head, grey/white goatee, blue eyes, pale skin.
Dress: Whatever he feels like wearing, which is usually something that tends to be a size too large (because of his weight loss) and no shoes.
Accessories: PINpoint, small case with syringes. Oft-times, tea.

contact: Gabe (IC), or the mun
mun: vorkosigan


Psionic abilities - telepathy
Gabriel is:

  • telepathically sensitive, which means if a telepath is projecting thoughts, feelings, sensations, etc. he will be able to pick it up easier and more intensely.
  • able to project himself mentally and physically anywhere he has been previously in his physical form. this projection, or 'golem', is made of pure telekinetic energy and is connected to his own mind. He can make himself invisible or incorporeal (able to move through solid objects), but this takes a great deal of concentration and energy. He cannot make the golem shapechange. Projecting also leaves his physical body vulnerable.
  • has mental shields, but they are not very strong. Alas, he does not have much experience in protecting himself against telepathic attacks. He has a very low level of telepathic ability himself, although he is a high level telekinetic.

Gabriel is not:

  • able to read minds. AT ALL.
  • able to contact others via telepathic communication. (unless of course, the other party is a telepath and they are able to pick up thoughts… yeah you get the idea.)
  • able to harm anyone telepathically.
  • able to project for an extended length of time. the more time passes out-of-body, the more difficult it is to return to his body. his core temperature has been known to drop drastically the longer he is projecting, also making long-term forays difficult.

Psionic abilities - telekinesis
Gabriel is:

  • a powerful telekinetic. he has not pushed his abilities too far, as doing this has caused him a great deal of damage in the past (he had a major stroke). He has very, very fine control and can do small, complicated tasks such as unlocking various mechanisms and manipulating the function of internal organs. he can generate a very close-range telekinetic shield that will stop physical and lesser mental attacks to a degree. He can also spread this shield to include two or three other people, although the integrity would be compromised.
  • on a regimen of medications that control and supplement his metabolism. when he uses his telekinesis, he burns much more energy than a baseline human. if not controlled, it can (and has, in the past) cause damage to the vascular and neurological systems.

Gabriel is not:

  • able to move buildings, large tracts of land, continents or planets.
  • invincible

Miscellany -

  • was born in Merseyside, Liverpool, England, UK on February 13, 1957. His middle name is Philip.
  • has three sisters and four brothers. two are in the nexus as well (babelbrit and greyfaces). two are MIA, and he is looking for them. The rest live quietly in Gabriel's homeworld.
  • dreamed of being a drummer when he was a child. He became a photographer instead.
  • was married to Sheila Melanie Larke from 1984 - 2000. She currently lives in London.
  • was captured by a sooper sekrit branch of the CIA for mutant 'study' in 2003.
  • was obtained by we_are_the_shop in 2005.
  • surprisingly well adjusted for having been tortured, manipulated and then introduced to the nexus.
  • thinks he might be in love with nightflowering.
  • loves tea.
  • has a daughter, _meadow_lark, who also lives in the nexus.
  • is a semi-lapsed Catholic.
  • worked for National Geographic for over ten years.
  • still plays the drums.
  • killed a man with his telekinesis by stopping his heart.
  • has three alternates, mrseysidescousr, deadman_grey and earlgreymatter. The latter is a younger version of around 28 years whom the mun does not play but rarely.
  • co-teaches photography at prime_education. His daughter attends as well.
  • has spent time in the company (aka: he was captured) of onlystraw's alter-ego the Horrible Stick Monster. He lost a tooth to it.
  • is fiercely loyal, and has been known to put his life on the line to protect strangers.
  • used to live in a mental web with several other mutants. He is still connected to one.
  • has been in too many comas and had too many surgeries to count.
  • has never died, for all of that.
  • was one of the oh-so-lucky 34 to be pulled into the Nexus Battle Royale. He was killed by three gunshot wounds to the chest.
  • now lives on the same Earth as Eiko Takashima and Isis Macrow-Takashima, in a house given to him by Eiko after a grueling few hours/month (depending on your perspective) on a planet filled with Slashing murderers. He experienced this with several other people, including Jeff Levitt, Arabelle Kintotech, V and Dib. His left arm was broken in multiple places and ended up with shards of glass in his face from a sledgehammer smashing a window (and his arm).
  • also has an open relationship with Lord Rassilon of Gallifrey, Altalita Bastion, and Jeff Levitt. His daughter doesn't know (yet.)


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