Fujimiya Aya

Fujimiya Aya is an assassin (code name: Abyssinian) who used to be a florist by day as his cover. Yes, he thought it was stupid too. (Source media is the Weiß Kreuz animanga. He's canon through Verbrechen & Strafe, but his history has diverged from canon from there on due to roleplay.) He's much happier with his new day career as a high school history teacher. His assassin team, Weiß, kills villains who slip through loopholes in the law to continue preying on the innocent if not stopped. He's conflicted and angsty over being a killer himself no matter the reasons behind it. Despite the German team name, all of this takes place in Japan and every member of the team is Japanese.

He got into assassination after Takatori Reiji killed and framed his parents and injured his sister to the point where she fell into a coma. He wanted vengeance and needed money to pay her medical bills. Years later, he's killed Takatori and gotten his sister back and conscious, but his past has left its marks on him.

Shy and socially awkward, Aya tends to either say very little or a whole lot at once. He works to keep his temper under control. With his vengeance achieved, he's trying to reclaim his humanity and has latched on to the various versions of his sister and teammates he's met in the Nexus. He's even built tentative, very cautious friendships with a few members of Schwarz in the Nexus: Schuldig and Naoe Nagi.

Although he's actually bisexual, he's functionally gay because in his source material women too often are victims and he doesn't want to victimize them further. Also, he has issues about his sister like whoa.

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