Bartlebyis from the movie Dogma. As the story goes, he was one of the Grigori, or Watchers, whose duties were, you guessed it, watching. Specifically, they watched over humans. After centuries of this, Bartleby grew sympathetic towards humanity's plight.


He eventually convinced his friend Loki, the angel of death, to stop killing humans. A lot of drinking involved (don't ask about the barstools). When God next asked Loki to kill humans, he refused (and also gave Him the finger), and as punishment, he and Bartleby were banished to earth. That was bad enough, but they were told to stay there until the end of time, in Wisconsin. Throughout the movie, Bartleby's characterization shifts from sympathetic and rational (a frequently exasperated foil to Loki's cheerful violence) to embittered and vengeful.

Now, however, in post-movie whoa-I'm-alive-again capacity, he tries to take more naps.


The Grigori are the order of angels condemned for growing too close to humans, i.e. sleeping with them and teaching them forbidden knowledge. According to some texts, there was a small number who were not banished. Bartleby has consistently denied any inappropriate relationships with humans, as well as allegations of having a penis. Notably, however, he has also declined to take off his pants to prove it. Because Kevin Smith is a strange, strange man, Bartleby and Loki have completely random names, and can be considered less bound by traditional Christian mythology than other angelic beings in the Nexus.


  • He is a scholar and a confidant, not a warrior. Fighting is probably the last thing he'll try, though he'll certainly defend others if necessary.
  • Removing his wings will render him human, with all accompanying vulnerabilities. As an angel, however, even as a rather low choir one, he is pretty difficult to injure or disable.
  • Characters of certain alignments/personalities (innocents, lawful/chaotic good, victimized, those seeking redemption) may find his presence weirdly comforting. "Weird" because he rarely has his wings out and mostly looks like a normal dude.
  • It is highly likely he can tell a character's nature by looking at them — whether they're human, demonic, angelic, eldritch, fey, and also alignment. He is not omniscient. He cannot read thoughts.
  • He may also be able to pick up some facts about their history and various sins. Bartleby does not spew facts about people to their face. It's not his job or purpose to confront people with their own sins (such as in the movie, when Loki killed the Mooby corporation executives), though he may make general reference to such things if relevant. How much he knows is entirely up the other player.
  • He likes calm, the morally upright, popcorn, and robots; turn-offs are onions, people treating him like he has genitalia, and Jennifer Garner.
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