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Really really short version:

  • The Cylon religion is centered around the quest to find a certain unnatural house, although that specific intention has been misplaced somewhere along the line.
  • The Leoben model is the Cylon prophet because he is based on a man named S. Raymond Kowalski from 20th-century Earth, who once entered this house— that is, from a Cylon perspective he saw the face of God.
  • Kara Thrace is the daughter of Socrata Thrace and a Tigh model, making her half-Cylon.
  • Kacey Brynn is the biological daughter of Leoben and Kara, but was born to Julia Brynn, a human surrogate mother. Neither knows Kacey isn't human, although Julia probably suspects something.
  • The way to Earth, in this 'verse at least, will be found through the Nexus, since that's where Kara found herself after she died— accompanied by a Leoben.
  • The Leoben model's central function is to guide the way to Earth; since Kara's arrival in the Nexus heralds the imminent discovery of that route, the Leobens (with the exception of the individual now living in the Nexus) will be retired fairly soon.
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