Xander Harris (Wishverse)

The Wishverse refers to the pocket universe created by Anya for Cordelia when she wishes that Buffy had never come to Sunnydale. As a result, in this universe both Xander and Willow have been made vampires, and appear to be the Master's minions. They function in comedic and gruesomely villainous roles.

Willow was a mainstay at Transgression, one of the most entertaining big bads in a cast of many. She also began getting into magic, just as she would have in the normal Buffyverse, making her a considerable threat.

Xander, on the other hand, was still pretty much the same. Big talker, depended on Willow for protection, not too terribly useful. On the other hand, he seemed to make friends with people in the right places. In exchange for magic lessons, he sired a version of Cordelia, and all three of them got married for the hell of it.

These days, Xander is inactive; presumably, he is off building elaborate death mazes, getting drunk at odd hours, and stockpiling all the bizarre and frightening gifts Hermes leaves him.

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