DC, otherwise Dragonchan or various other nicknames, is an engineering student in North Wales and doesn't quite know why. Otherwise, she's obsessed with cool looking robots and machines and power armour, crazy crossovers, Discworld novels and EBM music. In no particular order.

In rough descending order of recent pup activity, she plays or has played:
Noah Bennet, ex-company man on a mission
Johnny, keyblade wielder from a hybrid world
Commander Harvey, Spartan leader and big brother
Jersey Morelli, mixed-up Marine
The "Photonegatives", classic adventurers in a non-classically-destroyed realm
Aleph, AI kid with taste for ^_^s
Omega, insane bag of mind-hijacking silicon chips
Kane Milliard, screwball superpowered clone of…
K-7204, religious quasi-zealot soldier for the wrong side
Young John-117, previously Master-Chief-in-training
Durga, AI taking care of her 'crew'
Michael Caboose, sweet-hearted and simple-minded ex-supersoldier
Ryan Alexander, semi-pacifistic scrap-parts cyborg war machine
…and others. But that'll do for now.

Her LJ is here and deviantArt is over here.

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