Deadman Grey

deadman_grey is a regular in the Sanctuary. Sometimes.


Name: Originally, Gabriel Merlin Saltheart Rainier Grey; now goes by Deadman Grey, or just Grey
Fandom: Original Character, based in China Mieville's world of Bas-Lag

D.O.B.: He can't remember. He just knows he's over 120 years old.
Build: Lithe, slightly muscular.
Height: 6'1"
Features: Bald as bald can be, grey/white goatee, blue eyes, very pale skin (unless he's recently fed, then he's nice and pink), and of course, fangs.
Dress: T-shirts, jeans, boots. Belts. Things with buckles. Shinies.
Accessories: PINpoint, sometimes a guitar.

Things and stuff

Grey is a one-hundred-and-twenty-something year old vampir from the floating city of Armada in Bas-Lag. He was born in Thee-and-Thine and grew up with a talent for writing and singing. When he was seventeen, he ventured into Dry Fall at night on a dare. Months later, he had moved into Dry Fall and had become a lover and thrall of one of the Brucolac's servants, a vampire named Selner. Years would pass before the same man, in a moment of desperation to save Grey's life, would share his energies with him and make Grey his own servant.

While passing through the area known as The Scar, Armada was besieged by a rare Torque storm, ripping through the layers of existence. Grey fell through, and ended up in the Nexus.

Grey is an original character based in the world of Bas-Lag from the novels by China Miéville. This character is pre-The Scar, the events covered in the novel a little over a year from happening. The Lovers are ruling Garwater when Grey disappears.

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