DC Group Therapy

This journal houses several NPCs based in the DC universe, primarily for humor or one-shot purposes. In the interest of not sucking royally like so many other randomly grouped NPC journals do, only the following characters have seen any play:

  • the Pied Piper (Hartley Rathaway, well-meaning ex-ex-Rogue)
  • Onomatopoeia (speech-specific serial killer)
  • Stacy (temp/receptionist at the GCPD's major crimes unit)
  • the Rainbow Raider (another classic Rogue, one not-so-well-meaning, and also fucking ridiculous)
  • miniature!Etrigan (of the excellent JLU episode "Kids' Stuff")
  • Head (from the new Atom series)

Icons are present (but have not yet seen any use) for:

  • Gotham-related NPCs (the GCPD, Bernard)
  • Brenda (from the new Blue Beetle series)
  • Shlade Wilshon (the in-joke that will never die)
  • an Architect (from the Tales of the Unexpected)

In reality, however, this journal serves as its typist's loveletter to DC, its myriad minor characters, general comic book humor, and Grant Morrison's drug-induced psychoses.

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