Dann Polo (whati_llbecome)

Dann Polo is more than likely the youngest version of Revan in the Nexus. He’s also the most adorable. Don’t question it; he just is.


He is munned by Jayde and his PB is Daniel Werg


Name: Dann Revan Polo (or Dann Ordo)
Species: Human
Gender: Male
Age: 19
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Brown
Height: 6’ 0”
Occupation: Ex-Jedi Knight / Mechanic


Axis Polo- Biological father; was killed by Jedi Master Vrook Lamar when Dann was 5 years old. His alternate (still deceased) has a body in the Nexus and tries to be involved in his son’s life.
Revan- Alternate and adopted “older brother” to Dann. He’s extremely overprotective of him; he has a tendency to go to great lengths to murder people messily for screwing with Dann.
Mandalore, aka Canderous Ordo- Adoptive father. Mandalore is technically from Revan’s world, but adopted Dann at Revan’s request: Mandalore got a son that he wasn’t able to have himself, and Dann got a father that he could confide in that didn’t look just for years older than him.
Jedi Master Kavar- Master/Teacher/Trainer/what-have-you. Kavar trained Dann for ten years prior to the Mandalorian Wars. Dann had something of a crush on him for a while, but it has since faded into a kind of familial affection. They still keep in contact.
Rev Akay- Protector. Akay showed up in the Nexus and pledged undying loyalty to Revan, which extended to his family, including Dann. He constantly refers to Dann as `Young Lord’.
Roy Daniel Harper III, aka Danny- Boyfriend. One must wonder how the poster boy for the Jedi ended up with a villain like Danny, but apparently the appeal of being with a bad boy outweighed Dann’s hesitance.
Aryn Axis Dun- Improbable Nexus Nephew. He’s the INC of Revan Mereel and Carcer Dun, who was raised by their entire (and extensive) network. He’s generally nice to his not-uncle Dann, and delights in embarrassing him.


Charlie Jackpot
Jeff Levitt
Harry Potter


Darth Nihilus and Zhin-Ja



Dann was born the only son of Axis Polo (originally Axis Mereel) and Raina Polo. Raina died of an illness when Dann was one; Axis raised him until he was five. At this point, Vrook Lamar arrived at the Polo’s homestead on Deralia to collect the unusually Force-sensitive boy. Axis put up a fight and was killed for his effort.
Dann was trained by the Jedi for the next thirteen years. He never achieved Knighthood until he went against the orders of the Jedi Council and left to participate in the Mandalorian Wars (along with his two best friends, Malak and Tobias).

From there, things went really bad.


In one of Dann’s first visits to the Nexus, he ate a cookie that permanently gave him wings. Needless to say, it was more than a little awkward for him until he received some training from Danny – which was when they met for the first time. He also made fast friends with Charlie Jackpot, and his alternate Revan.
Kavar and the rest of the Jedi Council had problems with his frequent visits to the Nexus; Kavar was constantly having to defend his apprentice against Vrook’s interrogations. It only got worse for him after the Nexus Battle Royale. He’s had nightmares since then, though he’s no longer jumps when people touch his back or his neck.

It didn’t particularly help him when he first encountered Darth Nihilus, who decided that he looked rather tasty and made an effort to turn Dann into a meal. He’s been traveling with bodyguards in the Nexus since, at the insistence of Mandalore – this was one of the reasons why Revan asked him to adopt Dann in the first place. This also precipitated his moving in with Danny.


Dann still has wings and is still living with Danny. Their relationship is more than a little on the rocks; there are issues with trust and loyalty that haven’t quite worked themselves out (many nights one or the other is exiled to the couch, and they argue about who’s going to be sleeping on it), but in general terms things are working for them. Most recently they decided to move into a bigger apartment.

As for less pleasant experiences, Dann’s universe was destroyed shortly after Revan helped move a number of Jedi and Dann’s soldiers into his world. In addition, Nihilus’s apprentice Zhin-Ja attacked Dann. He spent a long while under house arrest as per Akay’s recommendation but is coming back to the Nexus again.


  • Dann has a pet pygmy owl named Archimedes, Medes for short.
  • He loves tinkering with machines of all kinds.
  • For being so nice to his friends, he can be utterly ruthless to his enemies
  • He loves tea
  • He can shop for groceries like nobody’s business
  • He has a tattoo on his lower back – though what it says he’ll never tell
  • His wings are very sensitive; he tends to purr when people pet them
  • He tends to hide behind his wings when he’s flustered or embarrassed


  1. 3 Libras – A Perfect Circle
  2. What I’ve Done – Linkin Park
  3. Weight of the World – Evanescence
  4. Carry On Wayward Son – Kansas
  5. Cursed by Beauty – 300 Soundtrack
  6. Blackbird – Across the Universe Soundtrack
  7. The Hollow (Bunk Mix) – A Perfect Circle
  8. Rainbow Connection – Me First and the Gimme Gimmes
  9. Crashed – Daughtry
  10. Goodnight Lovers – Depeche Mode
  11. Angels and Men – Juno Reactor
  12. Say It – Mad at Gravity
  13. Letting the Cables Sleep – Bush
  14. Sister Joan – Bob and Tom’s Greatest Hits
  15. Martyr – Depeche Mode
  16. Rev 22:20 – Puscifer
  17. All of this Past – Sarach Bettens
  18. Androgyny – Garbage
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