Custardpringle, or Cyndi, or CP, is 19 and female and living in Chicago. She's a second-year university student, majoring in British history, and works at a used book store. CP is into science fiction TV, pretending to be British (is it working? is it? :D?) and collecting Matty's skin in jars for some yet-to-be-determined nefarious future purpose.

CP currently plays Leoben Conoy (in_the_stream) on D_M and #thesanctuary. Before that— well, she was on hiatus, but before that she once played Dr. Schreber (dr_stranger), Van Fanel (lastlostdragon), and Pattern Na (mute_not_dumb). She conspires far too often with Nai, which is why Nai's characters are beating CP's up all the damn time.

She'd say she'll add more later, but she's lazy as fuck and knows she probably won't.

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