Crystal, often known by various pseudonyms - none of which we'll bother naming here - is a twenty-three year old veteran roleplayer from the days before the elves left Middle-Earth of AOL and chat rooms nearly ten years ago, and to this day remains an advocate of "keeping it old school" with live gaming. She is over-caffeinated, over-worked, under-slept, and occasionally prone to bouts of ranty elitism, and is still rebelling on principle against the concept of something like the Nexus.

Because her partner-in-crime made her do it, she is responsible for the (arguably, but undisputedly) most manipulative and bastardly incarnation of Ianto Jones currently in existence (and, somehow, is fiercely protective of this interpretation). She has no free time, but somehow manages to juggle not only Jack Harkness's leash-holder Mr. Jones, but a tenth (and occasionally a ninth) Doctor, a man out of his time, J. Jonah Jameson (yeah, that one), and various other characters.

Crystal's weaknesses include Ferrero Rocher, Captain Morgan's Spiced Rum (got a little cap'n in you?), and aaangst, palpable aaangst. She has no patience for IC/OOC crossing, drama/wank, or people who whine so much they could run their own vineyard, and in her increasing old age, tends to be rude and not ginger on more occasions than are proper.

But she's nice. Really. If you like someone who swans off on random tangents.

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