Ianto Jones

Ianto Jones is a character from Torchwood, played by Crystal in multiple places. Because he has been adapted for roleplay purposes, his personality and his storyline deviate from canon, as well as the player's personal interpretation of his backstory. He really is more than just a teaboy.

For the canon version of Ianto Jones, please go here. If not, read onward.

(Spoiler Alert: Because this interpretation of Ianto involves a wide scope of Whoniverse media, spoilers are rife for series one of Torchwood, as well as the tie-in book series, and even parts of Doctor Who up to and including series three.)

The Basics

Ianto Jones is a fairly normal (but not) twenty-first century human male. When not battling emo tendencies, he has an affinity for coffee, three-piece suits, paperwork, stopwatches, Captain Jack Harkness, and particularly the latter two combined. One of the few survivors of the Invasion of Canary Wharf, he transferred to Torchwood Three in Cardiff and served as their office manager for a couple of years before receiving a promotion to the reestablished Torchwood One in London.

In personality, Ianto is quiet and serious, but not without his moments of sarcastic wit. He is a little bit uptight, always dapper in a suit and tie, and rarely unprepared. He lacks a lot of the bold, rash tendencies of his fellow teammates, but manages to pull through in times of trouble. Despite some poor choices in the past, he is typically conscious of taking the moral high ground, or at least what path he thinks Jack would prefer (up to and including shooting people who get in his way). Just don't mention cannibals, as they're a sore spot with him - since the events at Brecon Beacons, Ianto has sworn off eating meat and could be loosely termed a vegetarian.


Although a native of Wales, Ianto began working for Torchwood One in London straight out of university, in various minor supporting jobs, mostly related to I/T, clerical, and administrative. It was at work that he met Lisa Hallett, with whom he would enter into a committed romantic relationship. During his tenure at Torchwood One, he also met Captain Jack Harkness, who enlisted him in an unexpected foray which resulted in Captain Harkness locating the severed hand of the Doctor.

During the events of the Invasion of Canary Wharf, Lisa was partially cyber-converted. Ianto was one of the few employees to survive both Daleks and Cybermen. He managed to escape, and get Lisa out of the building as well, along with enough equipment to build a life-sustaining conversion unit to support her in hopes of someday finding a cure. It was after the dust had settled post-Invasion that Ianto once again met up with Jack Harkness. He assisted the Captain in salvaging part of the files from the Torchwood One computer system; unknown to Jack, he also used the opportunity to attempt to erase any incriminating evidence of himself and Lisa.

Ianto accepted Jack's offer of a transfer to Torchwood Three in Cardiff, after which he hid Lisa in the basement of the Hub. As this was unknown to anyone but himself, he went through great lengths to avoid discovery, pulling long hours at work in the guise of working in the archives. Once, when Jack came dangerously close to finding the former storage room Lisa was secreted away in, Ianto went so far as to seduce the Captain to distract him.

This was the beginning of a long and tempestuous affair with Jack Harkness. Although on their first meeting, Ianto had initially disliked the Captain for being arrogant, egotistical, and a bit of an ass, after transfer to Cardiff his resistance was gradually worn down by Jack's constant flirtations and concern over his emotional well-being since the traumatic events of Canary Wharf. The intended one-time shag turned into an affair, which had the added benefit of giving Ianto a much more obvious excuse in Jack's eyes for staying after hours, or coming in early. Although they did develop a certain closeness, Ianto was hardly sharing anything of himself that was not a lie, and although Jack continually told him things about his past, Ianto more often than not was inclined to believe the Captain was joking or telling lies of his own. Any happiness Ianto experienced in his bond with Jack was regrettably short-lived due to the fact that he felt he was, in any number of ways, betraying both the Captain and his girlfriend in the basement.

In 2007, Ianto came across the research of Dr. Tanizaki, a Japanese scientist who had become something of an expert on research into Cybermen. He contacted the doctor and finally brought him to Torchwood Three to see Lisa. Dr. Tanizaki seemed to be making quick progress, helping Lisa to breathe on her own without requiring the machines for life-support; however, Lisa's programming took over and she murdered the doctor. She was soon discovered by the rest of the team, and subsequently killed, although not before attempting to murder several other people, including Ianto.

Directly following, Ianto attempted to convince Jack to retcon him. Jack refused, on the grounds that one does not simply quit a job like Torchwood, and not only allowed Ianto to continue working at his former capacity, but also began to assign him field work. Their affair, however, had been abruptly ended by the discovery of Ianto's betrayal, and he had effectively also lost the trust of the rest of the team.

On his first field assignment, to Brecon Beacons, Ianto had the opportunity to show his resourcefulness, but also proved that he was not prepared for the pressure. He nearly suffered a breakdown when he and Toshiko Sato were kidnapped by cannibals, although he pulled through in distracting their captors thoroughly enough for Tosh to escape. He was beaten bloody and nearly killed, when Jack came to the rescue of the entire team. The events still had a lasting, traumatic impression upon Ianto, leaving him in doubt of his ability to function in the field, although the Captain argued to the contrary and continued to assign him field work.

Current Story

Currently, Ianto is serving as the Director of Torchwood One in London, attempting to lead the last remaining branch of Torchwood in a resistance force against the Master.

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