Casey Jones

Name: Arnold "Casey" Jones

Age: 28

Location: New York City

History: Casey grew up in a crime-ravaged community of New York city, installing in him a hatred of crime and criminals in general. He dropped out of high school at sixteen and played hockey professionally until he was injured, knocking him out of hockey for good. Back in New York during his recovery, he decided he was sick of doing nothing about the crime he saw around him. He studied a bit of martial arts on his own, but mostly picked up is own version of vigilante justice; hitting people with various sticks and bats.
Casey met the turtles in his first encounter with Raphael, and through them, he met April O'Neil. He toned down his level of violence toward crooks due to their combined influence, but to this day he still goes out night after night to deal out some high sticking. He's currently in the process of moving in with April and pretending to have a real job.

Personality: Casey is relaxed, laidback, and doesn't lose his temper often. He's uneducated and knows it, but he's quick on his feet and tends to read people well. He's very loyal to his friends and likes to talk, but there will always be some mystery to Casey Jones. He likes it that way.

Fighting: Casey doesn't pack a lot of power, but he isn't a pushover. He's fast on his feet, stealthy enough never to have been caught by the cops, and very athlete. He can hold his own against the Foot Clan if necessary, and may even be able to stand up to a Turtle. He doesn't care to find out if that's true or not, however.'

Nexus: Casey will make no secret of what he does or who he is - he has no need to, no secret identity to protect. The same does not go for his friends, and he won't be so open about who he dates or hangs out with. That's nobody's business. Otherwise, he's generally a nice guy who happens to be a vigilante.

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