Isura Macrow (Chozo-ofbalance)

Name: Hunter Isis "Isura" Macrow
Age: 26
Height: 5'3"
Weight: Undocumented, presumed to be somewhere between 115lbs and 130lbs (Armor weight unknown)
Hair Color: Purple
Eye Color: Purple (Note: Unlike the baseline Isis, Chozo's eyesight has improved over time, to the point where glasses are no longer required)
Distinguishable Marks: N/A
Race: Skyderian Human, modified with Chozo and Metroid DNA

Born on the Imperial Skyderian Colony SK-2, Isis Macrow is presumed to be the only survivor of the Pirate attack on the colony, after the Empire's mysterious fall. Rescued and raised by the Chozo race, and subsequently modified by them. Isis Macrow's early history is otherwise unknown (as she was presumed killed in the attack until she reappeared).

What is known, however, is at the age of 18, Isis Macrow turned up almost out of nowhere, seeking to join GalFed's new (at the time), Hunter program. Which, more or less, allowed legal mercenaries/bounty hunters to work exclusively for government funded contracts, so long as they were trained and operated within GalFed law. Isis Macrow, to date, holds several records in the program's history (Several of which are only the best a human's done, where few are the highest period).

She holds skills in a large number of fields, technology, history especially, armed combat, among a large number of others. Armed with a modified Chozo power suit, Isis Macrow is extremely proficiant in armed combat, and holds an extensive record with only one major incident (Which has henceforth been marked off of the record).

Isis has no currently known surviving family, and is, also, currently the only Skyderian human that's holds official status as a member of the Galactic Federation. While Skydera Prime has started to make contact with spacefaring races again, the world has remained undecided on whether it should join Galfed.


Quiet and thoughtful by most accounts, ChozoIsis is somewhat extroverted in comparison with most of her counterparts (Exempting Nyoka). She's extraordinarily intelligent, and generally well researched, and willing to talk about most subjects if engaged, and occasionally will bring her view on a topic more often than most Isii would. She does not seem to exhibit the Three Threads that the baseline Isis has, however, she is adept at multitasking (although not AS adept).

She generally doesn't seek relationships past the casual friendship level, as her standards are extraordinarily high. Partly because she'd prefer to have someone who can KEEP UP with her. She knows she's damn good at what she does (Although, as a note, she's aware that Better exists, and thusly doesn't go waving her gun around and constantly stating this. It's a surefire way to get some show-off to try and kill her). She is bisexual, only in the fact that she seems to be attracted more to personality than physical gender.

However, she strongly despises space pirates, and will not deny this fact, she also dislikes stupidity, and foolishness (Such as GalFed's wonderful idea to use Phazon as a weapon, etc). It's noted she doesn't strongly dislike most other kinds of pirates, as she'll judge them on their personalities.


Chozo!Isis has been modified with both Chozo and Metroid DNA. The Chozo portion of her genetics increases her physical capabilities, speed, strength, agility, and so on and so forth. This allows her to move quicker and with more agility and power than the average humanoid of similar size. This is somewhat beyond the peak of normal human ability, but just below some of the Marvel Standard strengths and such.

The Metroid side of this allows Isis to drain the life energy of whatever she's in prolonged physical contact with if she desires. She prefers not to do this, as it's an ability that chills her mentally to use. It also gives her a vulnerability to cold and ice based weapon systems and abilities.

Isis has had training in a large number of weapons and fighting styles, although she has a preference for using her power suit, this does not mean she's defenseless without it. She is an extraordinarily good shot with most types of pistol weaponry, and is extremely capable with a staff, and unarmed combat.

Official Stats and Appearence:

Chozo!Isis is the tallest of the Isii exempting Nyoka, standing at 5'3" in her fightsuit, and 5'6" in the power suit. Due to her athleticism, she's not as busty as Isis or Nyoka, or QUITE as curvy. Somewhat thinner than Isis, she could possibly pass as the other's sister moreso than an alternate (Really, it's the voice that gives her away on the Alternate regard).

Her hair is purple, as are her eyes. Darker skintone.

Her standard clothing generally defaults to the dark blue Flightsuit she wears underneith the Power Suit, when she's not wearing the power suit itself. This flightsuit acts as the connection point between Isis and the Suit's systems, while remaining non-invasive enough to be removed on its own. This Flightsuit allows full and complete freedom of movement, and is occasionally referred to as the "Zero Suit". Although rare, she has been known to wear other types of clothing. Usually that which she finds least limits her movement, while minimizing the attention she attracts if she's on a world that the Flightsuit would raise eyebrows on. She just usually defaults to the Flightsuit for convenience's sake.

She has some disguises, although the occasion is rare that she needs them. They consist of the amazing (Hologenerators) and the mundane (A different outfit, cloak, and wig).

Note: Out of the power suit, Isis is rarely, if ever, unarmed, as she carries an old Skyderian Empire energy pistol that's usually strapped to her hip, or kept in her coat (If she's wearing one).

The Power Suit (And related information):

The Power Suit takes the Chozo side of things even further. Further increasing her strength, speed, and agility, as well as her general durability. It is flexible enough to act as a second skin, but will support its own weight if Isis needs to recover for any extended period. The power suit's modular nature allows it to adapt most sorts of technological enhancements into its systems. And it provides life support in environments that living beings normally wouldn't be able to survive in (Including, but not limited to: A vacuum (Space), underwater (Although a gravity module will help greatly with mobility), areas near and (with a Varia enhancement module) inside volcanic areas, and so forth). The modular adaptability of the suit's range is NOT known, currently. As it has been shown to be compatible with, so far: Chozo Technology (As that's the Suit's primary base), GalFed technology (Fusion Suit, PED Suit), Space Pirate Technology (X-Ray visors, and others), Luminoth Technology (Light and Dark Beams, Dark and Light Suits, among others), and a PINpoint based system that Isis installed herself.

It uses a shielding system based on a combination of Energy Tanks and Isis's own life force, as the power suit is not entirely technological in nature, as it has biological parts as well. Damage to the shielding will drain the energy tanks first. This allows Isis to survive being fired upon by nearly all types of weaponry, or other such physical damage before actually being hurt (Although a strong enough impact will leave a bruise, and damage the suit's shielding systems, depending on the nature and cause of said impact). The Power Suit adds to this maneuverability with jump jets, and the Space Jump upgrade, which can be used indefinately, so long as Isis can maintain some semblance of forward motion (This includes back and forth, although she still needs the space to do this). Finally, there's the Grapple Beam, which is essentially a tractor beam based Grappling Hook. It can attach to nearly anything that a tractor beam can, as well as special grappling points designed for that purpose. The Grapple Beam can also be used offensively, as a long range grab, or to wrench a weapon or shield from enemy hands. The Grapple Beam is mounted on her left arm.

There is also the Speed Booster, which allows Isis to hit a high rate of speed, using a combination of the Suit's jump jets, plasma vents, and shielding systems. This allows her to tear through some materials without taking damage, as well as enemies. However, she needs enough space to build up a running charge to accomplish this. She can also "Store" a charge by suddenly stopping into a ducking position, and then unleashing it. However, this charge can only be stored for a limited time before it's "Dropped", or if she receives damage.

Isis's Metroid-like abilities allow her to harvest energy from other living creatures to charge the suit's energy tanks. Although, as stated, she prefers not to do this.

The Varia module, which is Isis uses as a standard, negates her vulnerability to cold and ice, so long as it remains active. It also prevents superheated areas from draining the Power Suit's shielding systems.

She also uses the Maru Mari, otherwise and henceforth for the purposes of this writing known as the Morph Ball, which allows her to curl into a large sphere that stands about as tall as the average human's waist. In this mode she's dependent on various scanning systems to simulate senses, and uses small energy bombs for defense (Or, with the upgrade she frequently uses, large Power Bombs that generally annhilate anything within range of the blast). The Morph Ball can also charge power, and launch itself forward in a burst of speed. The excess of this charged energy can be used to plow through foes for damage, without damaging the suit's shielding. It can also jump, and use the armor's shielding as a magnetic force to cling to surfaces. The Morph Ball's appearence changes depending on which main Power Suit upgrade or upgrades Isis is using.

Aside from the Morph Ball's weapons, the Power Suit's primary armament is the arm cannon fixed over Isis's right arm. Green in color, and extending past the end of her hand, the arm cannon uses a standard power beam for its primary weapon, and can be upgraded to use other beam weapons, or ballistic weapons such as Missiles (Or Super Missiles, however, these need to be charged to fire, while their ammunition generation cache is separate from the standard Missile, the energy required to fire one is a much higher requirement. From an OOC perspective, this is to give a balance to something that can do as much damage as five of her standard missiles o_o; As ingame on the 2D games, Samus can crack these off nearly as fast as you can hit the button).

However: While the Suit's power generators give the Power Beam and most of its forms unlimited ammunition so long as the Suit remains in operation, some Beam weapons' energy cannot be produced. The Light and Dark Beams are good examples of this, as is the Annihilator Beam (Although it simply used the Light and Dark beams' energy store, so it only partially counts).

The final weapon of the Power Suit, and the one that's generally considered the Suit's ultimate weapon: The Screw Attack. This vents plasma and energy through the Power Suit's shielding systems at the sacrifice of every other form of defense while it's active. It can only be used in a Space Jump or somersault, and Isis is mostly invincible while it's active ("Mostly", in the sense of: If it can penetrate the Screw Attack's power, it can knock her out of it for fairly severe damage).

The Suit uses a technological visor based system that helps Isis in both combat and non-combat situations. Ranging from scanners, to X-ray visors, to communication systems to her ship and back, or to others within range. The combat visor has a targeting system, which assists her in focusing on a single target within range of her weapons. As well as displaying her current shielding level, and ammunition for the various weapons. The scan visor's logbook is operated through the visor interface, as well. The Visors also act as universal translators for anything she scans, although there have been occasions where she's encountered languages that aren't in the suit's (Or Anubis's and Adam's) database, this can be solved by finding a translation packet, or having one provided.

The Power Suit's helmet can filter out psychic communication if Isis desires. It uses a screening system to confirm if the communication is friendly, unfriendly, or wanted. Although an extraordinarily powerful Psychic (Kaa, Hecate, Time Lord or Rassilon's level) could probably power through this screening system if they desired, although Isis would receive a warning of such, and it's only active if she's actually wearing the helmet.

Isis generally defaults to: Varia Module Power Suit, with Morph Ball and Bombs, Power Beam and Missiles, Combat, Scan, and Communication/Command visors, as this is the most efficient use of the Suit's power systems. Although adding onto this is no problem for the suit's generator, she prefers not to use what she doesn't have to, because one never knows what they might need, and when. She will usually add upgrades as the situation requires it (Or if she happens upon one, as she's been known to 'borrow' an X-Ray or Thermal visor from the Pirates if it's handy, or so forth).

Currently in her ownership: Power Suit (Heavily modified, at this point, to include the Fusion Suit capabilities a bit more internally), Morph Ball, Morph Ball Bombs, Power Bombs, Boost Ball, Jump Ball, Spider Ball, Power Beam (and its various incarnations, exempting the Light and Dark beams, which were returned to the Luminoth after use, although she still has the schematic for both), Missile Launcher, Super Missile Launcher, Varia Module, Gravity Module, PED Suit modifications, Hazard Suit modifications, Grapple Beam, Grapple Lasso, Grapple Transfer (Not the official name, it can drain and send power to things), Space Jump, Hi-Jump, Screw Attack, Combat Visor, Scan Visor, X-ray visor ( its various incarnations), Thermal Visor, Command/Communication Visor.

What she's returned: Light Suit, Dark Suit, Light Beam, Dark Beam, Annhilator Beam, Sonic Visor, Dark Visor, Energy Transfer Module. These were all Luminoth weapons specifically designed to deal with the Ing threat, and to assist her in her combat against Emporer Ing. Isis has the schematics for all of these devices (Except the Energy Transfer Module), she's just had no need to reconstruct them (Or the parts, really). The Phazon Suit was absorbed by Metroid Prime.

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