The Chozo are a race of six to eight foot tall bipedal, highly evolved birds from the Metroid series of games. They are most notably known for raising Samus Aran and at least one version of Isis Macrow. The Chozo are highly evolved, showing energy manipulation and psychic powers, as well as extensive intelligence, strength, and agility. The Chozo have vanished from known space in most Metroid realities for unknown reasons, having left large temples and ruins of their colonies in their wake. The most famous examples of this are the Zebes colony (destroyed at the end of Super Metroid), The SR388 colony, the Tallon IV colony, and Skytown. The Chozo homeworld is not known at this time. It was the Zebes colony of Chozo that raised Samus (and Chozo!Isis), although the knowledge of her appeared to be somewhat widespread, as the Tallon IV Chozo lore mentions her on several occasions (as "the hatchling").

The most famous example of the Chozo are their statues, which are generally in a sitting position, arms held outward, offering an object to someone who can take it from the statue's hands. Some of these statues have been known to be machines/beings known as the Torizo, which are theorized to be guardians of the technology they protect. These statues can do a variety of things, moving from one place to another, or carrying something from one place to another, to acting as a lock, or giving information through systems of a power suit (such as a map, or location of another statue and upgrade). Some Chozo statues have the ability to charge Chozo power suits with energy, refilling the energy tanks and ammunition stores.

The Chozo have been known and documented to be allies of the citizens of the planet Bryyo, and the Luminoth. They also created the Elysians, and Skytown, as well as the famous "shielded door" system that's become a galaxy standard in the Metroid universe. They also created Mother Brain, which, while the Aurora units are not the exact same thing, they appear to be somewhat based on her design, at the very least. They've also inspired or had a hand in most technological designs to date. The Chozo also created the Metroids, to balance out the X-parasite epidemic of SR388.

"Metroid", incidentally, is the Chozo word for "Ultimate Warrior."

The Chozo were watchers, generally studying planets and such from afar and abroad. Described as "hungry for knowledge". Occasionally, they'd give their technology to other races, or assist other races. The Chozo were peaceful, although they did have a warrior sect. The other three sects were: Scholar, Shaman, and Artisan.

"Chozo" is also the nickname to which Chozo!Isis is generally called to differentiate her from her alternates. Incidentally, in her free time, Chozo!Isis is attempting to find out what exactly caused the disappearance of the entire Chozo race (this isn't necesarrily to track them down, merely to answer the question of WHY and HOW).

In one or more universes, a Chozo scientist invented a particular form of organic computer- a white computer. It would gain its independence, eventually growing into a new form of psychic life by infecting others. This lifeform left Chozo space to develop and infect independently, eventually becoming the hive-minded [Cobs].

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