Captain Jack Harkness

Captain Jack Harkness is a character from Doctor Who and Torchwood. He is played by Kassy in a variety of locations and is rife with deviations from canon, dramatic backstory, and more sexual innuendo than you can shake a thirty-nine and a half foot pole at.

(Warning: This page contains spoilers for series one and three of Doctor Who and series one of Torchwood, right out in front. Please carry on elsewhere if you don't want to hear about how Snape Killed Trinity With Rosebud.)

Basic Information

Captain Jack Harkness - who really was a captain at some point in his history, though was arguably never a Harkness - is a time displaced human male from sometime around the 51st century. He has been a rogue Time Agent, soldier, prisoner of war, criminal, confidence man, companion of the Doctor - and is now an impossible universal fact working for Torchwood on Earth in the early 21st century.


Jack Harkness is drop-dead gorgeous and knows it. (No, really, the greatcoat adds +3 to his charisma.) He's liquid sex and pretty poured into a six foot mold, with eyes that very particular shade of cliché blue and a dazzling, work-of-orthodontic-art smile. More often than not, he's found sporting a vintage 1940s look - complete with a standard, circa World War II Royal Air Force issue service revolver and greatcoat - and is a shameless fan of well-out-of-typical-style fashions such as trouser braces, waistcoats, and pocket watches. When out of his typical environment, however, or just on 'casual Fridays' at the office, he can be found sporting well-worn jeans and shirts that say amusing things. For off-world travel of the ass-kicking variety, he'll typically go for some classic black leather. (Not unlike his headspace counterpart.)


Jack is, essentially, two different people stuffed into one particularly gorgeous body, without all the mess of actually having a split-personality.

As Captain and Director-on-paper of Torchwood Three, Jack is an enigmatic plot device. He has a (somewhat) tough-as-nails exterior and oftentimes adheres to 'the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few' style of leadership. He will and frequently does shoot first and ask questions later, as is the typical 'Torchwood' style of problem solving. The Captain, being the leader of what is essentially a renegade outpost after the fall of Torchwood One, does not take questioning his authority lightly and will not abide by mutiny. Although forgiving of his team to a fault, Jack has his limits and can be pushed to them. (Not being able to drop the enigmatic plot device act has, on several occasions, caused serious conflict in the Nexus, most notably between Jack and Severus Snape.)

Outside the responsibility of Torchwood - especially as a companion of the Doctor - Jack is much less an enigmatic plot device, entirely more relaxed, and just … himself. He is a vintage period fanboy, music lover (especially jazz, swing, American standard, and Bowie), technology geek, avid Dance Dance Revolution fan, and general fifty-first century guy. He has a very fast and loose (no pun intended) view on sexuality, finding absolutely nothing wrong with having his default setting stuck on 'always' when it comes to wanting and getting it. While not a total slut (at least by his own century's standards), he is oftentimes mistaken for one due to his 'try anything once' approach to sex and the number of on-going sexual relationships he engages in at once. Apart from his non-stereotypical views of sexuality, Jack is highly opinionated about the historical context in which he lives, finding twenty-first century views on society, sexuality, life, the universe, and more or less everything to be out-dated, idiotic, and down-right wrong. He has, however, relegated himself to using words like "quaint" (cute and old-fashioned) to make peace with his relative-time situation, though it more often than not offends the locals.


Apart from having the entire vault of Torchwood Three at his disposal, Jack also has odd bits of technology picked up across time from his days as a confidence man and Time Agent, as well as new technology obtained from the Nexus. Not only does his wrist band contain a vortex manipulator, but also an integrated pinpoint device, scanner, and teleportation technology. His cellphone, with a little added jiggery pokery, has multiversal connection capabilities and, with in-coming calls rerouted through Torchwood, can maintain and hold a signal anywhere but the end of the universe.


Canonical History


Deviation from Canon

The Nexus


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