Geoff (canadianninja)

Geoff, full name never mentioned, is an OC from an Earth setting. As of October 3rd, 2007, he is 21 years of age. He is a self-taught mage in a world where magic doesn't and shouldn't exist. He wields a branch of magic that many would refer to as dark magic.


Pre-Nexus History/Early Nexus History

Geoff was a normal kid growing up. Moved a lot, did well in school, had a few friends. However, that would change when he was seventeen. One night, a particular insult was thrown his way and he threw back his own retort accompanied by a small spike of dark magic. Everyone, Geoff included, panicked and ran, unsure of what just happened. Outside of the Nexus, Geoff claims he used a laser to make him think something was thrown; a barely plausible story, but the only plausible one. Rather than try to forget the event, Geoff eagerly found himself relishing time alone so that he could practice this newfound magic, learning how to let it out and control it. Even so, his mind was always thinking of what would happen if word of his magic spread any more, formulating an elaborate nightmarish fantasy about what sort of experiments the government would do if they found out his secret; the product of an overactive imagination. Over the coming year at school, Geoff would become increasingly paranoid and secretive.

However, one thing would serve to put a giant spike in his new shield. While over Spring Break, Geoff got into an argument with his best friend, Rainer. During a particularly heated segment, Geoff lashed out and unwittingly sent out another spike with his retort, only this one was not only much larger, but actually hit his friend square in the chest. A shocked Geoff watched as he felt his magic surge into his friend, convinced he was about to kill him. Instead, Geoff's dark magic sparked a reaction within Rainer, giving his friend the ability to use magic and paving the way to a strong retaliation with light magic. Despite being literally blown backwards from the resulted counterattack, Geoff could only stare in amazement as he realized that he wasn't the only one who could use magic This was a feeling he would only experience once, as he never found anyone else on his world that could use magic and he never counted the Nexus due to its multiversal properties.

Not all good came from this, though. The surge in power began to corrupt him and his eyes began to glow purple. Only by sheer dumb luck was it counteracted by light magic in time. Geoff was left blinded for weeks but miraculously regained his sight. His initial plan to fake the fact that he was blind afterwards didn't go over so well and his eyes were quickly discovered. Between ratting out himself and a friend, he quickly devised a story involving a failed chemistry experiment that exploded in his face and tinted his sclera. When Rainer was approached with this story, he repeated it almost verbatim, despite being thosuands of miles away.

After graduating from high school and failing out of university, he returned home and started his post-secondary education anew. He was redeeming his GPA, he had the best friend he could possibly have around, and despite the stares his eyes brought, life was good.

Until an SUV, racing to beat the light, slammed him into a tree. He died before the sun rose again, but awoke to find himself staring groggily at a bright, flashing sign.

Welcome to the Nexus.

Even though he was dead, he moved quickly to cover the tracks of his death. With the help of Rainer, he raided the hospital he died in and burned the body; thankfully, he found out later, they had yet to do any tests to confirm his identity. He currently attends unviersity while living for the most part in the Nexus.

Current Plotline

Geoff is currently more than a little insane. Due to someone altering his past, he has two sets of memories - one involving the above history and the other involving his death without magic and an inability to return to his world. The dual set of memories is slowly driving him crazy, as he is completely convinced that both are true, but logically, he knows that only one set can be true. This has led to a minor case of split personality and the rebirth of his paranoia After all, if one believes that mutually exclusive items are both true, just about any imagined problem, farfetched as it is, can be considered just as real.

Friends and Family


There's a saying that goes, "There's a fine line between genius and insanity." Rainer drunkenly walks that line every day of his life. A brilliant young man, Rainer has a mind for science and not nearly enough morals to apply them in useful ways. Add a branch of magic into the equation and you have a potentially dangerous person. Fortunately yet paradoxically, Rainer is every bit as sane as he is crazy; he may be mad, but he has enough practical sense to know better in most situations.

Deserving of his own subheading, Rainer is through and through Geoff's best friend, any day of the week, no matter what happens. While they were always best friends, the sense of being the only two mages in the world brought them closer. Even more so is a link that has yet to be broken. When Geoff was blinded and Rainer somehow managed to reverse some of the damage, a bit of Rainer's magic was implanted into Geoff's brain. Similarly, when Geoff attacked Rainer, some of his magic went into Rainer's brain. By focusing on that abnormality, the two are able to communicate telepathically. At best, the link has worked from the Nexus to Earth, but not from two different worlds.

Other Major Influences

Terra remains his best Nexus friend for over two years. No matter what is happening, the two seem to be able to hit it off in the same stress-relieving carefree fashion.


By drawing on the balance of nature, Geoff can manipulate the dark side of a dark/light balance and use it as he will. This isn't necessarily evil, simply darker with more of a focus on power and attacking. Because of this, Geoff fails at just about every healing magic he has tried, save one. Using this dark energy, Geoff can create useable objects such as a chair, umbrella, piano, and other such things, as well as simple balls of energy designed to explode and destroy on contact.

The only healing magic Geoff knows is, in the eys of others, what would brand his magic (and possibly him) as dark and evil. The magic is really a siphon that transfers energy from one living object to another. For example, if Geoff is hurt in a forest, he could cast the spell on a tree and siphon some of its energy into him. While he claims to never use this spell on people or sentient beings, he's liable to forget that in a heated moment…

Unrelated to his magic is his ability to recreate voices. Upon hearing someone talk, he can produce a fairly accurate mimic of their voice. After a long enough period of time, he is able to mimic it flawlessly.


  • Geoff has a sensitive sense of touch and taste. In his words, this offsets his horrible vision and virtually absent sense of smell. He can't see anything except movement and a bit of color without his glasses, and the only things he can smell are either strong or on fire.
  • Geoff has a thin burn scar down his right side, starting below his lowest rib and ending about four inches below his waist. Unlike his eyes, this actually was a chemistry accident; Rainer knocked over a lit Bunsen burner when reaching for something and Geoff didn't get away in time.
  • Geoff's body hasn't aged a day since his death in 2005.
  • Technically, Geoff doesn't need to eat, sleep, or even breathe. He continues to do so because the habit is very hard to break after twenty years.
  • Geoff is addicted to pop. Since it simply goes through his body without too much effect now, he drinks it almost nonstop.
  • The LJ name canadianninja means absolutely bugger-all to his character. It was originally meant to be a new journal for the mun, who later used it as an RP journal. Speaking of the mun, he is behind the name CanadianNinja.
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