Mizuno Ami, Sailor Mercury

Mizuno Ami comes from a version of Bishoujo Senshi Sailormoon that split off drastically from the canonical course of events shortly after the events of the first few episodes, in which she became Sailor Mercury and met Usagi and later, Rei. As such, her world does not much resemble the familiar world of the BSSM series, and is a very different place, a very frightening place for children and adults alike.

Ami herself has, thanks to her experiences, become much more of a recluse than might be expected; outside of the Senshi, she's reluctant to reach out to anyone for friendship or fellowship, these days. She's seen too many friends hurt to risk giving whatever evil still lurks out there a reason to cause anyone she knows pain by befriending them. Her life has scarred her, and she does not open up easily; but to those whom she trusts, she is a fast friend, and only hides information if she thinks they cannot handle the consequences. (Which is rather more often than that makes it sound like.)

Ami's physical appearance remains much the same as it did in canon: blue hair, blue eyes, occasional glasses, horrifying fashion sense (why would you wear a yellow sweatshirt with a blue skirt and orange kneesocks, Ami, why), with a few additions: a satchel containing her own prototype for a new model of personal computer and her Senshi palmtop and some obvious, notable scars, which she usually keeps covered for politeness' sake. You see, among her scars include a fair number of slash marks along her arms. While the more morbid might assume these to be the refuse of some form of suicide attempt, they're simply the result of having to fight so many youma hand-to-hand. An angry slash runs roughly parallel to her spine, where a youma clawed at her back during the Dark Kingdom's invasion of Tokyo. In the aftermath of that invasion and the final showdown with the Dark Kingdom, she sacrificed herself to save the last Nijizuishou bearers; as a result, she now has a scar running across her entire lower abdomen, a vivid reminder of how close the General Hematite came to cleaving her in half before she used up the last of her life killing him. She would have died that day, had Sailor Moon not finally taken hold of her full powers and used the Ginzuishou to end the conflict immediately after seeing Mercury's corpse fall to the ground.

As Sailor Mercury, her outfit has not changed - though not for her lack of trying; Silver Millennium coding templates are not particularly easy to crack, much less when the templates involve tampering with transformation technology, in which the slightest mistake could result in altering the base design so much any attempt to transform would be fatal. It's been slow going, but she thinks she might be on the verge of a breakthrough.

She's currently in a relationship with Kino Makoto, and shows no sign of breaking it off anytime soon; after all, Makoto is the only other person in the multiverse who went through the same experiences she did for the same reasons, and anyone else she might have been interested in (and Ami being Ami, there weren't many) just wouldn't understand her enough. She loves Makoto deeply, and would die for her in a heartbeat (she has, too). Recent events, however, have forced her to admit to herself and to Makoto as well that neither one of them can really be expected to protect each other to any reasonably successful extent. But she loves Makoto anyway, and will still try, because what else can she do?

It would be sweet, if it weren't so irreversibly fucked up.

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