Cyric Vyshaan (bloodedhunter)

Cyric is the scary Bhaalspawn of the trio that come from the same universe. This isn’t to say that the other two aren’t, he’s just the really scary one.

His mun is Jayde and his PB is Jan Ernst (who keeps changing websites).



Name: Cyric Vyshaan
Species: Sun Elf (Bhaalspawn)
Gender: Male
Age: 13,372
Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color: Green
Height: 6’ 0”
Occupation: Swashbuckler Level 40


Grint Halla-Barra- One of Cyric’s many brothers, he was the last one to formally join the Company of Bhaal, but is certainly one of the most animal. Cyric finds him a bit slow sometimes, but useful (and occasionally easily manipulated).
Tezcatlipoca- Another of Cyric’s brothers, who is likely the friendliest of them and the youngest in relative age. They’ve known each other since Tez was very small, and Cyric would do a lot to protect his ‘littlest brother’. Tez adores him.
Garret- Boyfriend. They both got hit by sex pollen and, despite Garret’s heterosexuality, they ended up in bed, and later dating. This proves that the Nexus really does make you gay. For blonde elves.


Cyric was born Istar Vyshaan during the second Crown War, a series of civil wars between the elves that resulted in the Drow being driven below the surface of Faerun into the Underdark, including Cyric’s lover at the time, Timox Sy. Cyric’s clan had been the one that perpetrated all of the violence of the Crown Wars, and the other elven clans set out to slaughter them to the last child to stop the violence and as punishment for the destruction of entire kingdoms. Cyric was one of four elves that escaped the massacre (who became known as the Four Sons of Vyshaan), primarily through a magical fluke that gave him regeneration powerful enough to essentially retard his aging.

He went mad after this – he had lost everything he cared about – and took to guarding a defunct Vyshaan outpost, going so far as to brutally maim and kill anyone who came within two miles of the spot. These ritual murders eventually drew divine attention, and luckily it wasn’t the elven gods; it was a young, recently-risen Bhaal, Lord of Murder. He offered to give Cyric purpose and to let him forget everything that had happened, and Cyric accepted. He entered the service of Bhaal, and for the majority of his life served him unflinchingly. He slacked his bloodlust on the foes of Bhaal and in return was given the chance to ‘remake’ himself every few centuries so he wouldn’t have to remember the old days.

His last assignment from Bhaal was to keep an eye on Bhaal’s children, and to do so he infused Cyric with some of his power, essentially turning Cyric into a Bhaalspawn. He took the name of Bhaal’s usurper and moved into Candlekeep.

During his time with the Company of Bhaal, he was the one that killed the most Bhaalspawn, but in the end showed a kind of mercy to his siblings by sparing them. He had condemned Bhaal to stay dead, and now he’s not sure what to do with himself.


  • Increased strength
  • Increased dexterity
  • Increased charisma
  • Heightened senses
  • Regeneration
  • Weakness to holy objects (being around them for long periods of time [1+ hours] makes him violently ill)
  • Acid stomach (can spit corrosive acid twice per day)
  • Black thumb (can kill plants in a 10' radius with enough concentration, but usage of this ability greatly weakens him for several hours)
  • Absorption of the essence of other Bhaalspawn, but has to eat their hearts for the full effect


  • He’s absorbed so much Bhaal essence that he’s not even entirely humanoid anymore; his right hand is clawed, spined, and covered in red-brown scales, and he has a fluked tail
    • Both are very sensitive
  • He can wear dresses and heels and actually look good in them
  • He has a pet spider named Kithixx
    • He baby-talks to it
    • He also rides it like a horse that can walk up walls
  • He knows nearly every language in the Forgotten Realms
    • So when he baby-talks Kithixx, it actually understands him


  1. Main Theme - Michael Hoenig, Baldur's Gate Soundtrack
  2. Inside of You, In Spite of You - ThouShaltNot
  3. The Bad Touch (Animal Planet) - Bloodhound Gang
  4. Stay - Mad at Gravity
  5. Miseria - Sturm Und Drang
  6. Thieves - Rhyyme
  7. Wild - Poe
  8. Bleeding Ceremony - Cherry Poppin' Daddies
  9. The Mystic's Dream - Loreena McKennitt
  10. I Wanna Be Evil - Eartha Kitt
  11. Sleepsong - Secret Garden
  12. A Thousand Years - Sting
  13. I Won't Say I'm in Love - Hercules Soundtrack
  14. Helm's Temple - Michael Hoenig, Baldur's Gate Soundtrack
  15. Blood - My Chemical Romance
  16. When You're Evil - Voltaire
  17. Celtic Dream - Enigma
  18. D&D - Stephen Lynch
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