Changeling is an evil version of Beastboy with anime-style looks. Not exactly an alternate, rather a weirdly created clone.


Changeling was created when there was an "animeification" plot. Basically, people got turned into anime stereotypes and often opposites of who they normally are.


Whereas Beast Boy is honest and cheerful, Changeling is deceitful, manipulative and angsty. Changeling is all Beast Boy's repressed emotions given a very pretty anime body. He's six feet of sexy homicidal resentment and self-hatred. Changeling resents the Titans and HIVE Five for never taking Beast Boy seriously, always calling him stupid or immature and yelling at him for pressing buttons he shouldn't, and so on. Changeling also has Beast Boy's self hatred for acting that way, and for letting his parents die, getting tricked into stealing things, never being good enough for Mento and the Doom Patrol, etc. etc., but luckily he has a handy target to displace that self-hatred onto in the form of regular-Beast Boy. He particularly hates Terra for betraying his trust, and has taken an opportunity to kidnap and torture her. However he has started trying to let go of all this built-up hatred and redirect himself in an attempt to truly become his own separate person.

Changeling is the embodiment of all the violent urges Beast Boy has, to kill criminals like Slade instead of just sending them to prison, the part of Beast Boy that's tempted to break the law instead of upholding it. But he doesn't make this obvious. He's manipulative, so he originally acted like he was just like Beast Boy except affected by the anime stereotyping. He's sweet and flirty, though his words are often chosen to sound helpful whilst actually being hurtful, so that people won't realise that that's the way he meant it. He originally wanted to sweet-talk everyone into liking and trusting him so that it would sting all the more when he betrayed them, but he's begun acting in a more sincere fashion due to a change of outlook and goals.

He also knows that he's probably not a match for people like Cyborg and Robin in a straight fight - although he doesn't change into animals he changes into fantasy creatures like dragons and demons, which is drawn from a comic-canon instance of evil-BB, the Titans take on monsters every day so after the surprise wears off he'll be in trouble. Hence his plans have always involved taking advantage of any trust he can garner to drug, kidnap and restrain them before he gets down to stabby torture and killing.

He sees sex as another tool to manipulate and control people's perceptions of him, and to gain power over them. Generally speaking, when he first meets anyone who seems like they could be useful to him, he starts by flirting with them. Obviously this isn't always the best idea, but it's his approach to things.

Nexus LOL

Since he is a product of Nexus LOL and 5th dimensional magic, Changeling has been rather carefree about Nexus LOL inducing items, and as such has been pulled into an episode of Saved By The Bell for an hour in Screech's role (there was a resultant bloodbath which he hasn't mentioned to anyone), turned into a cat-boy for several days, and transformed into a female Ronald McDonald who could only travel to an industrial park and clown college outside the Nexus for a few hours. During the Rassplosion he was changed into a homunculus, specifically Lust, resulting in some interesting time with a certain Tim Drake alternate.

Changeling is under the effect of what is basically a permanent LOL - he, along with three others, possesses a magical transformation pen which changes him into Sailor ZOMG Knife. He really dislikes using it, but did spend several days stuck in that form thanks to a power build-up.

He believed himself to be stuck in the Nexus thanks to the way in which he was split from his original half, theorising that his molecules would destabilise if he attempted to leave. Whether or not this was true has been rendered irrelevant since he found a genie in the Nexus which granted his wish to be able to safely leave. He is now free to wreak havoc on any world.


Like the regular-Beast Boy, Changeling is a shapeshifter. However, rather than changing into natural animals he can assume the forms of various fantasy creatures, mostly demonic in nature. He was still getting used to this altered power and therefore could not stay in a powerful form for very long without risking exhaustion, however he has wished for an infinite supply of the energy he uses for shifting and so doesn't have to worry about that any more. This does mean he has a lot of spiritual energy running through him. Like Beast Boy he can learn new shapes by meeting or seeing the original creature, and therefore he may decide to try and meet as many demons as possible in the Nexus at some future point. The mun will be trying her best to keep him away from any Cthulu mythos creatures.

Existential Link

Changeling and regular-Beast Boy are still existentially linked. If one dies so does the other. If one of them injures the other one, their body will simultaneously suffer the same injury on the opposite side. For instance, when Changeling stabbed Beast Boy in the right shoulder, the same wound appeared on his left shoulder, and now they have mirrored scars. Other people can hurt either of them without this effect occuring as it is partially caused by their strong emotional and psychological bond. Another side effect of this bond is emotional feedback, for example Beast Boy experiences nightmares wherein the imagery is directly taken either from something Changeling has done, or that he is thinking about, that are intensely emotionally stimulating. Examples are knifeporn and his date with Greed. This effect also means that Changeling experiences some nightmares, or dreams, when Beast Boy has similarly strong emotional experiences. Both of them are working on blocking this feedback, but neither of them has this perfected.

Significant Associations


Changeling met the homunculus calling herself Thirst in the Nexus. At first he talked to her as she was an alternate of Terra, and therefore he wished to see if there was a way for him to hurt her. However, he quickly discovered that she was nothing like Terra except physically, and instead found himself being attracted to her similar moral outlook and dedication to her goals. He went so far as to rename himself Changeling when he discovered that the name Beast Boy brought her pain, and was refreshed to find that he could drop his facade of sweetness around her. They secretly lived together in a warehouse for a time, on the precept that Changeling was teaching Thirst how to use knives, a skill he picked up when he was still part of Beast Boy's subconscious.

Thirst is one of the few people Changeling did not actively flirt with in every conversation, though the one time she challenged his ability to sway her with words he managed to seduce her both rapidly and effectively. Thirst eventually actively flirted with him, and they were in an unhealthy, dysfunctional relationship, mostly involving sex and talking about killing people. Her blunt honesty was enough to overcome most of his Trust Issues, and therefore he developed actual feelings for her that put her at the bottom of the To Be Stabbed list.


However, after Thirst saw that he was making friends, she decided that this was weakening him and rendering him useless to her. She kidnapped Hanatarou and Tim Drake, keeping them captive in her Casino of Death and intending to force Changeling to torture and kill them. However, he instead killed her two times in order to free them. After this, they have become enemies, and Changeling spent a period of time with his capacity for love sealed off thanks to Balthazar, a demon, in order to never be hurt by heartbreak again. Balthazar took his memories of Thirst as payment, leaving him with only rudimentary, non-emotional memories of some events.

Tim Drake

Changeling has met many alternates of people he already knew in the Nexus, particularly seeking out alternates of the Titans membership. One of these is Tim Drake of the Gotham_Nexus universe. Changeling started out answering Tim's request for teachers and mentors in the Nexus, offering to teach him knife-throwing and combat. At the time this offer was actually taken up, Tim was under the influence of the communicator - unbeknownst to Changeling, until in the process of the lesson he removed Tim's shirt, to which the communicator was attached.

Since then they've been through several events together, such as kidnappings and several LOLs, over the course of which they've come to understand each other better. After Changeling's experiences as Lust, he made a failed attempt on the Joker's life in order to end his association with the man and any damage that would do to Tim's reputation due to their friendship. After having spent several hours under the effects of Joker Venom thanks to that, Changeling and Tim had a discussion regarding their relationship - again, for part of this conversation, Tim was wearing the communicator. By the end of it, Changeling had been convinced to remove the demonic seal on his ability to love - although this did not restore his memories of Thirst - he and Tim were in a more serious relationship, but Tim recently left him to train with Owlman. Changeling is still coming to terms with this, since he had fallen in love with Tim totally and completely.

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