Tezcatlipoca (bhaalitebard)

Tezcatlipoca (or Tez, or Tezzy, or Cat, or Tezcat, or…) is sweet and adorable and loves to make friends. He also kills people. What else is a demigod of Murder supposed to do?

He is munned by Jayde and his PB is Matthew Brown.



Name: Tezcatlipoca
Species: Half-elf (Bhaalspawn)
Gender: Male
Age: 32
Hair Color: Red
Eye Color: Blue
Height: 5’ 10”
Occupation: Skald (sort of a warrior-poet), Level 32


Grint Halla-Barra- One of Tez’s many brothers, he was the last one to formally join the Company of Bhaal, but is certainly one of the most animal. Tez often ends up having to nurse him back to health after he pulls some stupid stunt.
Cyric Vyshaan- Another of Tez’s brothers, and hands-down the oldest of them. They’ve known each other since Tez was very small, and despite the fact that his brother is an incurable monster, he adores Cyric.
Cat- Familiar. Tez summoned him on accident when he was young, in an effort to have a friend to go on adventures with. Cat doesn’t seem to mind his unfortunately obvious name, and helps out where he can. He often acts as Tez’s messenger and ‘good’ conscience.
The Marauder/”The Beast”- Tez’s other half. Essentially, it’s a winged, dragon-like demon; in more complicated terms, it’s the part of him that represents the essence of Bhaal. It first manifested when he lost his soul (see History, below), but he thought it was gone once and for all when he regained it. He’s since learned this isn’t the case.
Brom- Employee. Tez came into the possession of a bandit organization called the Black Talons. He was unable to run it and his playhouse in Amn at the same time, so Brom was appointed as his representative. They have a good rapport and enjoy each other’s company.
Maks Kent- Boyfriend. They met through a personal ad that Tez put out in the Nexus, and the bard and clone seemed to hit it off. They’re often busy with their own lives, but Tez has vowed to make more time for Maks and his extensive clan.



Tez is the son of Bhaal, the deceased Faerunian God of Murder, and a half-elf he had seduced. His mother had, at the time, been the lover of a prominent Harper named Gorion Greybeard; when she found out that she was pregnant with Bhaal’s child, she disappeared. In a little over nine months, Tezcatlipoca was left on the steps of the library fortress Candlekeep, where Gorion lived. He took the half-elf in and raised Tezzy without ever speaking of his origins.

He wasn’t alone in Candlekeep; he grew up with his sister Darlina and his brother Kenobi, thought none of them were aware of their relation. Later Cyric arrived, a weary traveler with stories to tell, and doubtless his tales were part of the reason that Tez became a bard.

Baldur’s Gate

Tez eventually left to seek his fortune, though he quickly discovered that a life on the road wasn’t as glamorous as the storybooks had said. He was left as an impoverished teen, singing in the streets for enough money to eat. That is, until Cyric found him in Beregost to give him news – someone had killed Gorion. He rejoined Cyric and Kenobi and set out to find the killer, only to find out along the way that he was a Bhaalspawn, along with Kenobi, Darlina, and most of the rest of their adventuring party. After this, they named themselves the Company of Bhaal and set out to finish Gorion’s killer – their own brother, Sarevok Anchev.

Baldur’s Gate 2

After killing Sarevok, they were forced to leave the city of Baldur’s Gate. They were waylayed by a psychotic mage called Irenicus with delusions of godhood. They were tortured by the wizard and his vampiric sister (and her minions). Tez still bares scars on his arms and neck where the vampires sunk their fangs in. Eventually, Tezcatlipoca’s soul was torn from him, and he came close to losing himself in the psychotic rage of his Bhaal essence. Irenicus and his sister were defeated in a final climactic battle in the Nine Hells, and Tez’s soul was restored. The Beast would sleep, for now, and it gave him a chance to live his life with Viconia, a drow priestess whom he had fallen in love with during their time together.

They attempted to escape fate by fleeing to the frozen north, Icewind Dale, but it found them in the form of an assassin sent by one of his siblings. Viconia and their young son were killed. Tez went south once more to rejoin the Company of Bhaal and get his revenge. There was a war on between the Bhaalspawn, and the Company came into direct opposition with the Five, a group of Bhaalspawn dedicated to resurrecting their father. The conflict became known as the Throne Wars, and the Company emerged victorious.


After the Throne Wars, everyone went their separate ways. Tez moved back to Icewind Dale in a self-imposed exile, in order to pen the story of he and his siblings. Two years after the war, he was leaving his house… and came upon the Nexus. It was just the boost he needed to get back into the dating scene, and indeed back into life.
Not to mention that he discovered that he has alternate reality siblings and an adorable lycanthropic body double. How much more awesome can you get?


  • Enhanced senses
  • Enhanced charisma
  • Enhanced strength
  • Regeneration (weakness against fire, acid, holy objects)
  • Fire-breathing
  • Shapeshifting (into the Marauder only)


When he sings, it acts somewhat similarly to a siren or a harpy singing; the listener will usually be drawn to him so long as he sings, though this is not necessarily a physical attempt to get closer to him. This is the major reason why he rarely sings, but it applies to his chanting as well; however, it does _not_ apply to humming or whistling.

This ability does not affect other Bhaalspawn in the same way – Cyric appears wholly unaffected, while it only seems to call out Grint’s rage. Presumably this random reaction applies to other demigods.


  • In technical terms, Tez is quarter-human/quarter-elf/half-god. However, Bhaal’s blood has no true standing on species.
  • He was, at one point, hit with a Nexus LOL that made him immortal. He’s trying to decide how he feels about this.
  • When he’s excited or lusty, his eyes sometimes turn red.
  • Most bards wield a sword. He has a pair of axes.
    • He’s very good with them.


  1. Candlekeep - Michael Hoenig
  2. Warning - Incubus
  3. Personal Jesus - Depeche Mode
  4. Masquerade - Phantom of the Opera Soundtrack
  5. Commissioning a Symphony in C - Cake
  6. If You Want Blood (You've Got It) - AC/DC
  7. The Killing Lights - AFI
  8. It's Raining Men - Weather Girls
  9. The Red - Chevelle
  10. Comfort Eagle - Cake
  11. I'll Make a Man Out of You - Mulan Soundtrack
  12. Apossibly - The Apex Theory
  13. Bat Country - Avenged Sevenfold
  14. If I Had A Million Dollar - Barenaked Ladies
  15. Everything Counts - Depeche Mode
  16. And God Said… - John Wing
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