Between refers to a game which operated in a period between a major nexodus event and the full migration to Dear Multiverse. This game placed already existent and established characters into different themed scenarios, such as historical eras. The opening game, for example, was set in the Wild West, with characters taking on stereotypical roles such as:

  • corrupt banker/mayor (Norman Osborn)
  • the local madam (Donna Sheppard-Crane)
  • the bumbling sheriff (Greg Sanders)
  • his poetic deputy (Djehuty)
  • the unnervingly silent lone survivor of a Donner party-esque tragedy (Key)
  • an unfriendly native who once threw a canoe at a man for pronouncing his name wrong (Namor)
  • the local drunk (Spider Jerusalem)

Other themes included the Victorian era, medieval/fairy tale life, and high school, which spawned the extremely popular Middle Area High. However, most of us had completed the transition to Dear Multiverse by this time. Between had served its purpose — keeping the players who had enjoyed playing with each other together once they had left Sages — and it was quietly abandoned.

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