Kevin is a young man of indeterminate age who lives on the Roark farm. Mute, inscrutable, and violent, he has a strange fascination with both the Bible and attractive young women. He is occasionally accompanied by his dog, and has strangely claw-like fingernails that are quite sharp. He typically wears glasses, a sweater with a Charlie Brown style zigzag stripe across the chest, jeans, and black chucks.

Taken from the pages of Sin City and portrayed by Elijah Wood on the screen, Kevin's a total fucking loony. Feel free to wander up to him, make confused noises, and poke him with a stick. Actions perceived as aggressive may provoke attack, but the AVF should prevent serious injury. He doesn't speak or emote, which occasionally makes role-playing a wee bit difficult. He also likes to eat people, especially prostitutes; this would relate back to the detail where he is a total fucking loony.

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