BasementOOC: the Reckoning
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Silent Hill Outtakes

From the 2006 Silent Hill game modded by Jeri, Becky, and Amy, and starring the BPRD and Nexus crew. Good times, good times, and definitely worth a read.

Steering us to success

<Jillian> Ahaha. I notice Wallman finally in the monster list, and I think of what Evo!Wanda and Evo!Pietro told John. They were like "Lol, our Pyro once tried to burn stone" and I can COMPLETELY SEE John instinctively trying to do that.
<Jillian> and then going "ajkdkjdhjd >_<!!"
<Otherworlded_Liz> And you should MAKE EVERY EFFORT TO DO SO
<Otherworlded_Liz> I mean—um
<Otherworlded_Liz> That might be psychologically damaging
<Jillian> hahahahaha
<bekalabird> DOOOO EEEEET
<octopus> *lol*
<Jillian> like, anything that scares John is literally going to have him going "FDAOIHGDIUHGUH *FIRE*" at it
<Jillian> no matter how useless or pointless that may be
<Otherworlded_Liz> hahahaahahhaah
<bekalabird> Hahahaha I am SO TEMPTED to say things to you right now along the lines of "OMG YOU SHOULD DO THAT HERE AND HERE AND OVER THAR AND HERE TOOO" but I restrain myself. ;_;
<Otherworlded_Liz> Liz: Goddammit John.
<Jillian> XD
<Henry> Henries: D: UGH.
<Henry> Henry ST: ….are you trying to light Jasper on fire? o_O

Slashers may be disappointed.

<walter> Walter: I don't buttsechs anyone.
<octopus> Walter: But I am partial to WEEABOO!
<walter> Walter: Don't put words in my mouth!

It's not easy being a mod.

<octopus> The only thing like a symbol that I can see so far is the numbers carved in her… I could be wrong.
<Jillian> and "lustful place". er. har har.
<octopus> And it is right below her cooter.
<octopus> har har har.
<Henry> Oh!
<Jeri> You try rhyming 'vagina'
<Jeri> That's all I have to say.
<Jeri> I threw out 'sure am glad I don't have angina'
<Henry> XD
<octopus> Walter: *writing in human blood on the wall* 'There once was a man from Nantucket….' Hee hee, I am so clever.

Jeri is like a proud parent

<Jillian> also I am 3 years old and cannot use the phrase "massive crack" without laughing
<octopus> ……………….
<bekalabird> I think we're looking at a bit younger than 3 years old, there. I should know; I'm laughing now, too.
<bekalabird> I swear to you, when I wrote that room description, I did NOT think of that interpretation. >.<
<Jillian> I did not think of it either, it's just something about the phrase "massive crack" because I am immature XD
<Jeri> …wow, i'm glad i came back in there.

Literary references

<Jillian> can I just say every time I see "braintree" I see the thing from Neopets
<octopus> *lol*
<octopus> What the hell are you talking about?
<Jillian> XD hold on
<Jillian> and
<Jeri> Actually, uh
<Jeri> That looks kind of like Richard, really.

Pleasant seaside vacation town?

<Jeri> Can Richard hit Ock's arm?
<Jeri> Ock
<Jeri> Yeah. Ock.
<Jeri> That's who I mean

Truly subversive evil

<octopus> Is John gonna roast Braintree?
<Jeri> That's up to Jillian
<Jeri> Richard: MMM PRETTY HEART
<Jillian> no, he's going to go "urk" and flame on >_>
<Jeri> Silent Hill: *has made John gay*
<Jeri> Helena:;______;
<Jillian> John: ;___; sorry Helena
<Jeri> Warren: :D!!!!


<octopus> Roger: Oooooohhhhhhhh…….. :O
<Jillian> John: >_> *snaps picture*
<Jillian> yes, the Silent Hill scrapbook of memories, I can see it now
<Jillian> John: This really blurry picture wasn't me fucking up the camera. Richard just wouldn't stand STILL. Jesus.
<Henry> Hahaha…yes, this is where we saw the most beautiful death machine ever….

What to do if Roger's battery dies

<Jillian> John: Um… *blasts Roger down a hallway* >_<
<octopus> Roger: -_-
<Jillian> or really, more likely, he just blasts Roger over.
<Jeri> HAHA

Elevating the conversation

<Jillian> well John wants to throw the lighter at him and blow him up >_>
<Jeri> Becky, does that count as an explosion?
<Jeri> It would…be effective.
<Henry> That would be awesome. >_>
<Jillian> John: Ew, Walter parts :/
<bekalabird> If all present are comfortable with it, then so am I!
<octopus> Ayuh!
<Jillian> argh! "Whether it'll take Walter's top off is another question." <— WROTE THAT SENTENCE. ABANDONED IMMEDIATELY.
<Henry> O_O DO NOT WANT *giggles madly*
<walter> Whatever you guys want
<walter> I can do
<Jillian> no stripping!
<walter> Walter: *Strips off layer of flesh*

BasementOOC: the Reckoning

The old archives file is extremely massive. Hence, a new one!

Mark 16:1-7

<Nai> what does Jesus have to do with drugs?
<Jonathan> DON'T DO DRUGS
<Jonathan> *ding!*
<Nai> When Jesus says it, it's just that more important.
<Nai> Better listen, kids.
<Nai> or, er, I guess Spiderman is saying it.
<Nai> which is the same effect, probably.
<Jonathan> I like to think that statement is an explanation of why that comic exists in the first place.

How could I forget.

<Jilliam> damnit. There is no Book a Minute for Lady Chatterley's Lover. I theorize it would go something like this: "Men today suck." — "And women are frigid." — "And we're all dead inside." — "LOL PENIS"
<kymscrazy> You forgot "screw the gardener"

… oh sh—

<Terana> Uh-oh.
<Terana> The Iron Man movie site has an option to "register for updates."
<Terana> (Dammit, Tony!)

Ra's al (freakin') Creepyfuck

<Slarti> Swampy: *has no Damien. Possibly an Ibn, but no Damien*
<Jillian> canon!Tim: Stop mocking me. *cries in his sleep*
<Bobo> aaaaaauugh Ibns and Damiens irk me.
<octopus> *lol*
<Jillian> oh, Ibn wasn't that bad, was he? I don't want to read Kingdom Come, so uh >_>
<Bobo> Oh, he really is. At least from the Ibn-centric tie-in I read.
<Jillian> oh lord.
<Bobo> He's perfect. So absolutely perfect. In every way.
<Slarti> Ibn's cool, but you only get to see him, at least initially, once he's grown up.
<RayRay> Yay, perfection in characters is a trait everyone wants!
<Bobo> The story revolved around him describing his story to his psychiatrist:
<Jillian> he's still got a foot up on Damien. /everybody's/ got a foot up on Damien, but you knkow what I mean.
<Slarti> ha
<Bobo> at the end, he diagnosed the psychiatrist with a number of things because of course he knows more than the psychiatrist, and I think reduced him to tears?
<Jillian> if /Max Lord/ were somehow in the running to be Batman's kid, I would be voting for Max.
<Bobo> after, of course, describing how perfect he was beforehand.
<EBB> Hahahahaha
<EBB> Time-displaced Bat-kid?
<Jillian> yes. and see?? Brother Eye tie-in!!!
<Shard> Shard: *adds another room to the compound*
<Slarti> Bob: The kid was raised by R'as al freakin' Ghul. Of *course* he's going to have an ego the size of Cleveland, and the education to match it.
<Slarti> (What few people know is that "freakin'" is sekritly part of his name.)


<Eiko> I got to tell Arthur Suydam that I would appreciate it if they stopped doing any Marvel Zombies, ever.
<Tsu> :D :D :D
<Jillian> lols.
<Tsu> What did he answer?
<Terana> <3
<Eiko> And Adam Hughes leaned over to say, "Can I add to his request?"

Escapism from DC reality

<Slarti> Although wouldn't it be great if Tim got a call from Barbara, being told that Booster brought Ted back. That'd be hip.
<Jillian> hee
<EBB> That would :3
<EBB> Rip Hunter: B| Booster: Shut UP, Rip. No-one cares that it rains pasta on alternating Tuesdays now.
<EBB> Skeets: But sir, it gets in my ventilation units D: Booster: … Like I said. No-one cares.
<Jillian> L-Ron: I'll take care of your ventilation units for you, Skeets. CreepySupes: I just want to thank you, L-Ron, for making my job that much easier.

  • Jillian is not allowed to play any robots ever.

<EBB> Booster: *Sticks fork in Skeets' ventilation unit, noms pasta.* … Needs more sauce.
<Jillian> Aaron Stack: Let it be known that I do not approve of this bullshit.
<EBB> Skeets: ;_; Carbonara or tomato, sir? Booster: What am I, Gordon Ramsey?

  • EBB is not allowed to play Booster and Skeets as it would quickly dissolve into the biggest self-threaded-in-one-post snarkfest evers

<Jillian> Rose: Ha. Booster Gold slurping pasta with robot. This … won't get two million hits on YouTube, but I'll laugh anyway!
<EBB> Booster: Hey, I'm HUGE on YouTube! Skeets: That's because you put the video in at the wrong resolution, sir :D;;;
<Peter_Petrelli> XD
<Terana> OW.
<Jillian> Ted: No, Booster, I'd say you're really pretty average-siz— whup hello there! *closes window*
<Slarti> Rip: *takes down all of Booster's YouTube vids, gives him yet another stern lecture on his need to maintain anonymity in order to avoid becoming the target of temporal assassination*

Relevant to your interests

<Terana> Also, you know what's weirder than a splinter in the bottom of your foot?
<octopus> getting a rat whisker embedded in your foot?
<Kacey> Terana, that's really not a safe question to ask around here.
<Terana> A dog hair that's embedded itself in the same way. >_<
<Delekay> a splinter in your cooter?
<Delekay> …or that!
<octopus> Close!
<Kaydele> ……..
<Delekay> what, orangutans make dildos out of bark

attn: hero_farmboy

  • Ishmael just saw the episode of Smallville where Clark proposed to Lana, then got killed.

<Ishmael> And now he's working to save her.
<Ishmael> Why doesn't he just fly around the world a bunch of times?


<Mattybee> People on my floor apparently do not like me.
<Mattybee> Apparently because of my insistence that guys actually wear pants when going down the hall.


  • Tsu is now known as SeanConnerysAss

Internet sympathy

  • hannah_mcracken just saw Goatse for the first time ahhhhh

<hannah_mcracken> Help meee
<Soma> and you been on the net that long?

Misuing the One Ring

<Soma> "Honey… lower lower -…what's that noise?" *Nazghul at the windows!*
<Terana> "Honey, it… why is your vagina on fire?"

Nexus trufax

<Kaydele> what is happening to Lawr now
<Delekay> I sense
<Delekay> a great disturbance
<Delekay> in his pants
<Delekay> hmmm
<Delekay> feels like
<Delekay> syphilis.

  • Delekay makes psychic hand motions

<Jennii> XD ha! He would be way more sorry about that.


<Jillian> although honestly if anyone should be hit with a Horatio Caine LOL, it's Derek.
<Jillian> that would be so awesome.
<Delekay> yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
<Delekay> I would pay good money to see that shit go down
<Jillian> and then every now and then you could replace the Who with his own riffs
<Delekay> lol dude
<Delekay> I keep listening to Bon Jovi
<Jillian> hahahaha what why
<Delekay> and it's so much better if I imagine Derek serenading me.
<Jillian> lawl
<Delekay> or
<Guru> that's my wiiiife
<Jillian> XD
<Guru> it's not (any number of horrible adjectives)

Shocking revelation

<Delekay> I KNEW IT
<Delekay> you /would/ fuck a panda
<Delekay> called it.
<Guru> NOOOO
<jillibean> hahahaha
<Delekay> >:E TOO LATE
<jillibean> civilizations: *end*

Plead the 5th!

<jillibean> I have a panda handpuppet. SHOULD I SEND I TO YOU, BOB.
<jillibean> hahaha
<Kayzzz> is it anatomically correct
<Guru> I also have a panda handpuppet. :<
<jillibean> no. not in the slightest.
<Guru> ….
<Guru> ……..
<Guru> AUGH
<jillibean> hahahahaha
<Kayzzz> HAHAH
<Delekay> ADMISSIONS OF GUILT!!!!!!!!!!!!

Fearful abilities

  • Edgeymun tries to think of other characters Sylar can kill. Hmm. Extra character journals…

<Mattybee> …
<Mattybee> bulletsnbuffalo?

  • Mattybee runs.

<Edgeymun> Sylar gains the ability to FORD RIVERS.

  • izzyryu loads her shotgun.

<Ichigo> XD;
<Mattybee> And the compulsion to ford rivers.
<FP[homework]> XD XD XD
<Ichigo> Sylar: *dies of dystentery — over and over again*
<Mattybee> "Sylar, what are you doing?" "I NEED TO FORD THAT RIVER >:O"
<octopus> Sylar: NEED BACON.
<octopus> Sylar: I can only carry 200 pounds of game! D:

  • Edgeymun dies.

<FP[homework]> Sylar: WHY DO MY OXEN KEEP DYING?!
<Ichigo> Edgey — not of dystentery, I hope.
<Kaydele> Sylar's headstone: EVOLUTIONARY IMPERATIVE :(

Speaking of which…

<Mattybee> Mom: I went to a funeral today.
<Mattybee> Matty: O_O For who?
<Mattybee> Mom: I dunno.
<Eiko> yes, she did. A few years ago.
<izzyryu> Matty, that sounds like my mom.
<octopus> …..what, Matty-Mom?! You went to a funeral and you don't know who it was for?!
<Jillian> hahaha
<Mattybee> Well.
<Mattybee> There were detours in Rapid City.
<Mattybee> And there were also people flagging the way towards a funeral.
<Mattybee> And they flagged her towards the funeral.
<Mattybee> And it went, like… 12 miles into the badlands.
<Mattybee> And then she had no choice. XD
<octopus> ….oh, crap. That's weird.
<Ichigo> …Awkward as hell.
<Jillian> hahahahahaMatty
<Mattybee> On the plus side, she saw an old-school Ogala Sioux funeral.
<Kaydele> :O
<Ichigo> Sylar: *takes notes*

CP gets a raise

<custardpringle> halp halp
<custardpringle> you guys
<custardpringle> you gotta save me D':
<izzyryu> ?
<custardpringle> the first years have arrived to lay siege to the neighborhood :(

  • izzyryu saves CP and lives off the interest!

<custardpringle> they're hunting through the streets in slavering packs
<octopus> D:

  • custardpringle hides under the bed.

<izzyryu> Oh easy. Just leave a big bag of weed outside. They'll never bother you.
<Terana[writing]> No, man.
<Terana[writing]> You leave treats out, they'll come to expect it.
<izzyryu> You don't leave it out near your *house*, silly!
<custardpringle> haha nice
<custardpringle> especially because I think my boss lives two buildings down >_>

Shocking revelation II

<Helen_Conoy> I has foreskin?
<turkeyflop> todd you are a lesbian, you don't have a penis
<Jeri> Are you like….unsure about this?
<Jeri> You sound like you need to check.
<Helen_Conoy> It's rather annoying, frankly, even though I find circumcised penises horrifying to look at.

  • Leoben does not need to know this about anyone she knows IRL aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

<turkeyflop> hahahaha
<Leoben> Todd?
<viridian> LOL
<turkeyflop> tmi
<Helen_Conoy> Ahahahahahaha sry
<turkeyflop> just a bit

  • Kaydele lols forever

<Leoben> Are you /trying/ to see how many times you can ruin my life in one evening?
<Jeri> hahahaahha
<octopus> I think that uncircumcised penises are creepy.
<Jeri> y'all are cute
<Jeri> with your tmi

  • turkeyflop thinks penises in general are kind of repulsive
  • octopus does not want that in her body, kthx.

<Terana> It's wearing a little hat!

The definition of Fandom

<octopus> I guess that maybe we find genitals repulsive, funny and unnerving because of the taboo. Or it's just becuase they really do look gross.
<Leoben> not that this stops me from RPing gay porn like constantly
<Leoben> but whatevs


<Mattybee> <Helen_Conoy> Circumcised penises just look like terrifying Cyclopean worms that want to *kiss* me, or something. I find this a terrifying mental image. <= SO WHY DO YOU KEEP KISSING THEM YOU RETARD

The 'r' makes all the difference

<viridian> that's okay, so did Vincent Kartheiswhatever the last time I saw a picture of him
<Jeri> hAhhaha
<Jeri> Vincent Apartheid, I like to call him.
<Jeri> For…reasons that are known to me.
<viridian> Heh, I totally never called Angel's actor anything other than David Boreananana
<Jeri> ahahah
<Jeri> I like M. Night Schalamamadingdong, also.
<viridian> lol
<Mattybee> I always called him M. Night Shmurfdurf, myself. :(
<octopus> I call him M. Night Shalamaramadingdong.
<Mattybee> And one of my friends called him M. Night Steely Dan one time. I think he was really tired.

Enough of your mind games!

<Delekay> fuck, am /I/ still here?
<Jeri> y
<Delekay> …oh I am.
<KaraThrace> we're just quiet
<Leoben> no
<Delekay> n, I'm having trillian issues is why
<Leoben> dele isn't here
<KaraThrace> because there is AWKWARD in the IC chat
<Leoben> I wonder where she went

  • Guru has joined #basementooc

<Jeri> hahah cp
<Delekay> I hate you, CP.
<Jeri> you're a serial killer, aren't you
<Leoben> what's that
<Leoben> did someone hear something
<Delekay> >:(
<Leoben> I think I was imagining it
<Guru> helo
<Delekay> stop being mean :(
<Leoben> bob we lost dele T_T
<Kaydele> :(
<Delekay> YOU DID NOT >:E
<Leoben> it was tragic
<Delekay> cp hates me.

  • Leoben misses dele and wishes she would come back ._.

<Delekay> >:E


<Karra> I bet the daleks hate the time lords because the time lords used to come over all the time to Skaro and tip them over
<Kay> Time Lord: *drunk* No, no, it's hilarious. *shove* *lols*
<Karra> Time Lord: AHAHA *shove*

Basement dadaism

<takhys> Hermes: I have n…yes, lasers.
<Terana> Pshew! Bzow!
<Delekay> write that shit down.
<Delekay> looools
<Nick_Wright> Tom Servo: SHOOP DA WHOOP

Don't Forget To Use A Straw

<Delekay> Matty
<liquidlimerick> -s
<Delekay> would you let us snort coke off your laser nipples?
<Mattybee> "… can you hang on? I needto find a sttdsajlakthgesdTFESA"GE
<Mattybee> DELEe
<Mattybee> BE GLAD
<Mattybee> MY ROMMATE
<Mattybee> IS NOT HERE
<Ali> DELE
<Delekay> pwnt.
<Kaydele> okay
<Kaydele> I'm the one of us most likely to actually score coke
<Kaydele> stfu
<Ali> OKAY
<Mattybee> …
<Delekay> hahahahhaha
<Delekay> you're not wrong.
<Delekay> ONE SEC
<Kaydele> I have suntan oil that smells like caramel
<Delekay> I PLAN TO
<Kaydele> lol
<Delekay> -everywhere- ;)?
<Kaydele> no frottage, girls
<Kaydele> it sounds funny.
<custardpringle> why not ;_;
<Delekay> spoil my fun.
<liquidlimerick> Scissoring :D
<Mattybee> Kay
<Kaydele> Matty
<Mattybee> they're fighting over my nipples, I make the rules >B|

Matty's life goals

<deconcentrate> … dear IJ: I don't mind the banner ads, really, but putting an ad for a dating agency called "catholic match" where I can see it is really barking up the wrong tree.
<Mattybee> that's better than the time I got two ads on my geocities page
<Delekay> Firefox ad blocker, Todd
<Kaydele> I'd like to find the priest of my dreams
<Mattybee> one was for "VEGETARIAN SINGLES"
<Mattybee> the other was for "FRESH BUFFALO MEAT FOR SALE"

Crossfandom pollination

<custardpringle> house of leaves is an an obnoxious yet awesome postmodern horror novel about a house that's infinitely bigger on the inside than the outside
<custardpringle> it's sort of like a malevolent TARDIS

So accommodating

<viridian> when I come back I will very likely be tipsy, which USUALLY means RPsmut, though
<viridian> I'm not sure I have anyone active who is smuttable
<Kaydele> DELE, QUICK
<Kaydele> fire up someone's ho engines
<Delekay> hahahhahaha Kay
<Delekay> it's terrible that I immediately went
<Delekay> "Hmmm, but who?"

Breaking news

torridmentality: OH MY DEAR GOD
AtlantisDiplomat: what bb!
torridmentality: My boss popped a woodie during the meeting this morning.
AtlantisDiplomat: …………………………….oh my god NO WAY
torridmentality: FOR SERIOUS

Some are kings, okay

<Kaydele> lol the word 'robust grinding' makes me think of something entirely different
<takhys> Coffee?
<Kaydele> journal servers
<Kaydele> having sex
<deconcentrate> …
<deconcentrate> unf unf update?
<Kaydele> gj: the 18-year-old bj queen.
<Kaydele> you know it's true.
<Kaydele> mostly because
<Kaydele> that's what most of gj's users are ANYWAY

Important life goals

<Bobo> I'm totally not making any more Kaa INCs, though. Not until I've had fun with Hypnocop, at least.
<Delekay> hahahha
<Bobo> AGAIN, AGAIN I swear that's not the title of a gay porno series
<Kaydele> HAHAHA
<Bobo> yet
<Kaydele> —yes

  • Kaydele intends to direct this series

<Kaydele> and write it
<Kaydele> it will have lines like "STOP IN THE NAME OF MY BALLS B|"

We love our classics

<deconcentrate> I haven't read A Winter's Tale, yet. :/
<Tod> It kinda is not his best work.
<Tod> Though it contains the stage direction: exit, pursued by bear

The more you know

<Tod> iirc, time travel figures prominantly into many of Shakespeare's works.
<Tod> His most skillful use of time travel as a plot device is seen when the Terminator rescues Caesar before Brutis stabs him.
<Slarti> "Comest thou with me if thou wishest to live."
<Tod> However, time travel also accounts for Hamlet's NIN references throughout that play, and for various characters' dress throughout his body of work.

Well, everyone needs a hobby.

<Nai> my roommate and I are currently personifying math symbols :D
<Nai> this is how we roll.
<custardpringle> …
<custardpringle> ilu but you are batshit
<custardpringle> the end
<Nai> yay!
<Nai> we've decided that multiplication signs just sort of roll around
<Nai> in cartwheels
<Nai> whereas the division sames are aquatic
<custardpringle> You're not sober, are you.
<Nai> but plus signs aren't evolutionarily superior, so they just kind of hop around of their little leg thing. +
<Nai> and POP into an asterix when in danger
<Nai> I am completely sober :D
<Nai> and we just spent 15 minutes discussing this.
<custardpringle> …

Ladies, he's single

  • Ishmael will kill those who leave him… FOR JUSTICE

Yes, but no.

<Kai_> ...
<Jillian> … lawl
<Jillian> now the question is, would that or would that not have improved Superman Returns.
<Kai_> Just… what XD
<Kai_> Hahaha
<Kai_> I vote yes, if only because Jimmy would have been in the background going "o__O … *takes picture? >_>*"

"I have sent you my son"

<[Talos]> I loved Superman Returns.
<[Talos]> I just have no idea why.
<Jillian> I loved Brandon Routh's highly attractive presence.
<[Talos]> also, jill, brandon routh's attractive presence was not so much attractive as scarily lovable
<[Talos]> in the jesus way
<Jillian> I IGNORED the Jesus music ;___;
<Kai_> XD
<[Talos]> the kid's like "I like him. :3" and you think, "hey, I like him too"
<[Talos]> "…wait a minute o_o"
<Jillian> hahaha
<Kai_> I… think I had the sound too low to hear the Jesus music >_>
<Jillian> it was almost subliminal >_> I actually would've missed it if the scene hadn't already been so overwhelmingly "JESUS, IS THAT YOU :O???"
<Kai_> *Snork*

  • Jillian now imagines Ammit saying that.

<Delekay> Jilli
<Jillian> Ammit: HOLY CRAP.
<Delekay> ANYONE with long hair
<Kai_> Hahaha
<Delekay> should get asked by Ammit if they're Jesus.

Clark Kent goes freelance

<[Talos]> how I learned to sublimate my penis for my true heroism
<[Talos]> or, Lois Lane is a bitch
<[Talos]> by Clark Kent.


<Kitling> ;___;
<Kitling> nsfw
<Kai_> Uh oh
<Kai_> D:
<Mattybee> …
<Kassy> …
<Mattybee> Ray?
<Mattybee> Ray, dear?
<Kitling> Don't say it Matty

  • Mattybee dips Ray's face in a jar of acid. B|
  • Kassy just imagined Horatio Caine taking his sunglasses off and going, "You're a FATTY FATTY FAT FAT!"

Breaking fandoms

<Kai_> Galactus really does look like he's saying "where the fuck are my pants?"
<Kassy> Where the fuck ARE his pants!?
<vorkosigan> I have wondered about that for a long time.
<Slarti> He's from Gondor.
<Kassy> Gondor has no pants! Gondor NEEDS no pants!

  • Kassy tactfully points out that Boromir BLOWS THE HORN OF GONDOR.

<vorkosigan> X3
<Slarti> Indeed.
<Kai_> The pantsless horn of Gondor
<vorkosigan> so… who blows the horn of Galactus, then?
<Kassy> Any sexual innuendo countered with "Indeed" makes me giggle.
<Slarti> Why the people of Middle-Earth were crapping their pants over Sauron, when they could just call upon their countryman Galactus, I don't kn—- oh, wait.
<Kassy> Jack: *raises his hand* Can I volunteer?

  • Slarti pictures Teal'c being like, "…I have studied the lore *most* thoroughly, O'Neill. Galactus was *not* from Gondor. B|"

Real Life is for Real

<Tod> there are people who are real superheroes zomg real superheroes they are real and they do stuff for real zomg
<Tod> XD
<Shard> Hee
<Tod> superheroes!
<Tod> I found their forum board
<Tod> I have this urge to spam it with complex riddles.

Abby loves us.

<Kurtlet> Guys. Guys.
<Kurtlet> E PEEN! :D

  • Jillian is randomly reminded of the truncated spam subject line earlier today about "carrying out" an erection.

<Kitling> ….
<Caleb‘> "I’d like to get one erection."
<Caleb‘> - "For here or to go?"
<Caleb`> "To go."
<Jillian> "It’s for a party!"
<Eiko> "hi, and welcome to 'Wangs 'R' Us'!
<Caleb`> …

  • Caleb‘ hopes they don’t have a 50% off sale >_>

<Caleb‘> or, for that matter, a 2 for 1 special
<Kassy> DD:
<Eiko> no, but they have half-off sales at Moyel’s House Of Circumcision!

Thanks, CP

<Nick_Wright> Today's Rule 34 update theme: Furries.
<Mattybee> SHUT UP BADGE
<Nick_Wright> :D
<octopus> Down, Matty.

  • cp quietly retcons everyone back to before Badge found that site.

We're Helpers

<TheRay> Oh god Jill my grandfather keeps watching soapoperas and slipping me the phone numbers of mormon boys
<TheRay> Also the nightmare last night was bad
<Jillian> start leaving the numbers of these mormon boys in men's bathrooms.
<TheRay> I ….oh god I should.
<Ishmael> Start leaving your grandfather's number in men's bathrooms.

Bet you missed this one.

<Snapple_jorb> …dang, there's no one here today.
<Snapple_jorb> >__>

BasementOOC: revolutionizing sexuality

… on a nightly basis!

the comedy of misunderstanding

<Bobo> :£
<Bobo> :3
<Kay[zzz]> your face is made of money

  • custardpringle dismantles Bob's face and spends it on comic books

leads to worse misunderstandings

  • Delekay sticks Bob's face in Kay's panties. O WAIT.

<Jeri> fhahahha
<Bobo> do not grasp m- aaaahhh ew
<Delekay> >:D
<Kay[zzz]> ahahaah stoooooooop
<Kay[zzz]> Dele
<Delekay> >_> :D
<Kay[zzz]> That is socially unacceptable
<Delekay> :(
<su> XD

followed by financial difficulties

<Kay[zzz]> For starters that's not even American dollars
<Kay[zzz]> I can't use that
<custardpringle> … whaaat

  • Kay[zzz] has priorities

and sexual identity crises

  • custardpringle hides. AUGH HET NO
  • Delekay chokes on her drink laughing

<Kay[zzz]> there is no het here
<custardpringle> there was bob's face in your panties :( why
<Kay[zzz]> it was Dele's fault
<custardpringle> … just because it was dele's fault doesn't make it not het
<custardpringle> that only makes it TWICE AS EBIL
<Delekay> what's wrong with het B|
<Delekay> I mean, aside from the fact Bob was involved
<custardpringle> well, that
<Delekay> ASIDE from that
<Jeri> wait…
<Jeri> is it REALLY het if Bob is involved?
<Delekay> well, idk, is coughing and going "EW EW EW" really /het/?

or maybe just appreciation of hygiene

<Jeri> Isn't it more like Bob just poking around and going 'wow, nice shave job down here'?
<Kay[zzz]> HAHAHA
<Delekay> hahahhhahhahahhaha or that
<custardpringle> HAHAHAHA
<su> XD
<custardpringle> the only sad thing is
<Delekay> I can't breathe, you whore
<Kay[zzz]> can everyone get out of my panties, please

the inevitable tragic breakup

  • Delekay clambers up Jeri's pantleg.
  • Jeri is not WEARING pants

<Delekay> well
<Jeri> hahahah right
<Delekay> areyou wearing panties, I'll climb in those
<Jeri> Having been excorcized from Kay's panties
<Jeri> you head to mine.
<Delekay> yes, basically.
<Jeri> I am, in fact.
<Delekay> there are panties around here, and by god, I'm going to be in them.
<Jeri> AHAHA
<su> XD

or two.

<Kay[zzz]> Dele
<Kay[zzz]> You are exiled from my panties
<Delekay> :(

No Context!

None. It is for the weak.

Well thank god for that.

<EBB> There's plenty of inconsequential nippleage as well

Rated R

<Steve> yay adult discussion!
<Steve> *talks about being grown up and havin' a job*


<Tsu> Todd has fondled his privates into internet's death.

Mazel tov!

<Ali> Also, I shared a indirect kiss with my cousin!
<izzyryu> Hiya, Ali! :3
<Ali> :O
<Mattybee> …
<Hiro> …
<Peter_Petrelli> …
<Ali> She just jammed her fist into my mouth. :<

Springtime for Hitler

<octopus>: awwww… when rats yawn, they often stretch their little paws out in front of them in a sort of 'sig heil' gesture.

Classy coworkers

<Ishmael> I spent five minutes talking to one of the other cooks today before realizing that he was trying to tell me Jean Grey was a firecrotch.

No quarter given

<deconcentrate> <Tsu> Todd has fondled his privates into internet's death.

Dele's fault

  • Ali has joined #basementooc

<Delekay> I think sometimes
<Delekay> he would roll around naked
<Peter_Petrelli> Such a dysfunctional family there.
<Delekay> going ">:)" about how evil he was
<Delekay> on a fur rug
<Kaydele> and covered in glitter
<Delekay> in front of a fireplace.
<Peter_Petrelli> XD
<Ali> Uh.
<Ali> What.

Dele's fault, part two


Hate internet

<takhys> Horatio: *pulls off his nipple clamps*
<takhys> The Who: YeeeeAAAAAAAAAAAH.

The twist

<takhys> [20:58] ed: Oh Takh. For once, it is *your* suffering that amuses the world. <3

So do we all

<custardpringle> … dammit, I forgot that Todd is a lesbian.

Classy neighbors

<takh> Can a hut contain my love?
<takh> CAN IT?
<Jeri> …………no.
<Terana> No, but that's what the yard is for.

Dele has a lot of books like that

<Delekay> where the book opens with him trapped with a magical cock ring

She's a woman of principle

<Kaydele> hey
<Kaydele> if you're eating my twin
<Kaydele> gimme $10 first

Seduction of the innocent

<hannah_mccracken> …people go there to get off?
<hannah_mccracken> ON UNICORNS?

It's your most fetching quality, Matty



<Jeri> i'm sure if you told sir ian right now a bunch of women were discussing his wang on the internet
<Jeri> he'd be thrilled.

Urgent questions

<kymscrazy> Kai, is he assbelted?

By now, though…

<tinderblast> ooooh
<tinderblast> yeah
<tinderblast> Hey, Peter does still have some gaps in his homoerotic experience

The bottom line


Eiko doublefeature (1)

<Eiko> so it's a fuckcanon summoned into a dark existance by the power of vaginomancy?

Eiko doublefeature (2)

<Eiko> I'm glad you got over your rectal prolapse, then, Matty.
<Mattybee> I HAVEN'T

Race for space!

<deconcentrate> My penis cannot hope to match Tsu's when it comes to inadvertently crossing oceans.
<Kaydele> you're not trying hard enough.

Like a superhero

  • Kaydele has joined #basementooc

<deconcentrate> What, exactly, is so horrifying about erections at work?
<deconcentrate> IT HAPPENS.

  • Kaydele has an illness ;_;

<Kaydele> HAHAHAHA
<deconcentrate> MEN CAN'T HELP IT.

Insert "Number 2" joke

<Delekay> So hey
<Delekay> would anyone like to see Commander Riker pretending to take a dump on stage?
<Delekay> because I can hook you up.

god I hope so

<telekine> If your breasts are spewing lava, there is something seriously wrong happening

Choices Three

  • Kaydele has joined #basementooc

<Kaydele> what

Essence of Dele

<Delekay> how did peen get in the—damn it
<Delekay> I'm my own fucking punchline

Billy Kaplan … Harkness?

<Mattybee> I don't think Jack would care if his son was dating the Magic School Bus.

Just ask Ray

<tindy> AUGH RAY
<tindy> RAY
<Kitling> YES?
<tindy> what happened to BOYBAT'S CROTCH

Come on down!

<Jeri> I'm related to Bob Barker.

Unhappy camper?

<Telly> adding to list of animals that scare bob: owls, starfish, Shia LaBeouf, koala

Tell me more!

<Some> Cyclops is not allowed to use his force peen in a penetrative fashion.
<Some> *beem
<Some> *beam

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