Arabelle Kintotech (Armedandwinged)

Arabelle Kintotech is a 19 year old mutant, born and raised in the New York City area. Born the daughter of the respectable cyberneticist, Ara grew up around technology, and learning the ins and outs of said tech. At 16 years of age, however, Arabelle was in a car accident that completely destroyed her arms, legs, her right eye and a section of her spine in her lower back.

Using technology from the Variable Element project that he designed, Doctor Kintotech managed to save Arabelle's life, and not limit her mobility. However, the cybernetics required fine tuning and working out of bugs during the next three years of Ara's life. Six revisions later, Ara's cybernetics have been finally finalized at version 6.560. With the exception of her arms, one cannot tell Ara is cybernetic unless they're actively looking for it.

At 18, however, her X-Gene more or less kicked in as a 'late bloomer' sort of deal, due, in part, to her cybernetics stunting its development. And over a period of about three weeks, she grew large wings from her back, and subsequently feathers for said wings. She will be the first to tell you that this was the most itchy damn process ever to exist.

It was at a time before this that she was recruited for the X-men of her world, due to Professor Cain sensing her soon-to-be-active X-gene.

Arabelle has recently left the X-men of her universe, primarily due to the fact that too many secrets were being kept from her, among a great many other things. She still maintains contact with X and Zero through E-mail, but it's doubtful that she'll rejoin the team officially at any point in the near future.

Currently, Arabelle is attending PrIME, in an attempt to find a direction.

+Friends and relations in the Nexus

Big!Kurt - She has a minor-ish crush on the elder Kurt, and will not resist flirting back when he flirts with her. Although she's not seen him in a rather long while.

the Grue, Some - Some is fun. While she decides not to comment on his diet (As she has HEARD things, and ain't sure one way or another), he's a really fun person to play tag with, to say the least.

Lil!Kurt - Lil'Blue is sorta seen as a closer friend whom she shares a few things in common with. She understands a good bit about him. She tends to treat the littlest Kurt as a younger brother, and, for a time thanks to a Nexus LOL, had his powers and appearance.

Rylie - Arabelle's Ex-girlfriend, Arabelle wasn't entirely sure of the relationship to begin with, but tried, nonetheless. However, combined with the stressors added in from her life at Cain's, and Battle Royale reveals (not to mention Rylie's rather rash actions after Hermes's big confession), Arabelle broke up with her. She still considers Rylie a close friend, however.

Akahana - Starting off as a weirdly defined individual in Ara and Rylie's relationship, Akahana has more or less become Arabelle's boyfriend, after her breakup with Rylie.

+Arabelle's Mutation

Arabelle's mutation is mainly her wings. Large, incredibly so, Arabelle's wings allow for strong, and very powerful and fast flight. She is the fastest AND most maneuverable thing in the air without a loss for either. This basically means that there can be faster fliers than Ara, but they tend to lose maneuverability in the trade (and the reverse, as well). However, as most everyone knows, the human body isn't exactly aerodynamic, and Arabelle's weight, in theory, shouldn't allow her to truly fly.

This is where her secondary mutation comes in. Arabelle is unconsciously capable of generating a 'field' of lift in the general vacinity of her body and wings. This 'lift' can be felt in close proximity to her when it's active, as quicker air currents around her. This ability cannot be projected onto others, unfortunately, unless they're in physical contact with Ara herself.

Ara's speed and direction of flight is primarily decided as to how she shifts her weight and holds her wings. Subtle positioning and sensing (touch, through the wings) of air currents around her allow her to control where, how, and her speed. Holding the wings closer to herself, Ara can go faster, spreading them out to catch more air is breaking, etc.

In the air, Ara can carry upwards to her body weight, plus one and a half times more than that. Unfortunately, this tends to have negative effects on her maneuverability, and her airspeed. If something is suddenly dropped on her (like someone leaping onto her back, etc) she has to compensate quickly by beating the wings several times to regain her balance.

Arabelle can use her wings without flying as well, controlling the positioning of them to help her maintiain her balance on a thin walkway without making her arms useless, or perching on something with her wings spread to keep herself held at least to the point where she won't get easily knocked down, or can take off in an instant.

Her wings are very sensitive to touch and feeling things around her. And at rest, they occasionally twitch at picking up on subtle air currents around Ara. She notices all of this, but by now, dismisses it as normal. Her wings will flick and twitch at a physical touch, and yanking out a feather is akin to pulling out a hair.

Ara's limitations with the wings includes she needs at least space enough to jump in order to take off, be this straight up, or vertically. And their size makes them difficult to conceal unless she's belted them down and is wearing a longcoat ontop of that. This also makes her a fairly large target in the air, if she's fighting someone on the ground with a ranged weapon of some kind. Arabelle's landings tend to need space enough for her to jog, or to swoop upwards and drop.

It should be noted, that in cases of extreme emotional duress, such as rage or fear, Arabelle has been known to use her areokinetic ability to produce flames as well. It's been theorized that this is something that has been stunted by her cybernetics, and frequently acts as a last ditch self defense.

Note: It should be pointed out that Arabelle's cybernetics, to a point, appear to have delayed the mutation's maturity, so it's quite possible that it isn't a complete one, or some abilities haven't been seen or manifested.

+Arabelle's Cybernetics

Ara's cybernetics include her right eye, both arms, and her legs. Her legs have cloned skin grafted over them, the arms, however, do not. She also has a section of her spine replaced, just at her waist.

Ara's arms contain a multitude of devices, which includes a grapple line, kinetic force generators (firing off a charged blast that's much like shooting someone with a physical punch, NOT A PLASMA or LASER weapon). They also contain tracking devices that can be fired, and lastly, a USB cord that allows Arabelle to uplink to computers through her cybernetics.

Ara's legs have no such devices and such, but the only real augmentation that they have is that they can take more punishment than normal, human legs would.

Her eye has multiple visual settings, ranging from heat to night vision (among others). It faintly glows, and faint color changes indicate the current mode.

The spinal implant serves as a link between where her spine was broken from the crash.

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